Thursday, May 7, 2009

Balancing Act

Today we were at the zoo (FUN!) I love how the flamingos can balance on one leg all while folding their necks around their body.
It's a great thing that I'm not a flamingo. I'd fall flat on my face!
I also like how the flamingos little white eye is peaking out. He was watching everything.

When I first got this challenge, I was so excited. I was going to work (I am a teller at a bank), and I was going to take a picture of one of my co-workers balancing their drawers at the end of the day. Sadly it was against our security policy. Bummer.

I'm glad that my first idea didn't work out. I think my flamingo is much cuter than one of my co-workers :)


Mindy said...

Oh, I agree... so much cuter than co-workers! I love the beautiful colors!

susan said...

The colors are excellent love the eye!!

Rachel H. said...

i WAS so THINKING the same thing, about finances. Figured I would take a picture of balancing a checkbook, but when I realized I don't even have a check register and don't balance my checkbook, I realized it would be WAY too much work. :)

Janelle said...

I went to the zoo a couple of weeks ago, and I also took pictures of the flamingos. When I was editing them, I was kinda creeped out by the white eye. It's just...weird. But the rest of the coloring is great, and they are definitely weirdly cool birds.

Katy said...

This picture is awesome!!!!!!! Wow, the colors are just POPPING off the screen (i love the close up too)

Great job, seriously, i love this picture!

Blake said...

that is great color and a good idea for the challenge too.