Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Balance

It was an outside, play with chalk kind of day. So I played with it, too!

This was taken in natural light, then I cropped, saturated, and did a focal color point with everything else b/w. Naturally, my daughter decided those were the exact two colors she needed two seconds later! :P


hotmama03 said...

great picture, love the shadowing. We have chalk days here too!!

Rachel H. said...

WOW! How did you get it to balance like that?!!?! What a fun idea!

Katy said...

This picture makes me totally happy!!! i love the angle, texture, color (and b/w)... it's soo cool!!! GREAT JOB!

Mindy said...

After spending an hour trying to get a fork and spoon balanced and failing... I am in awe! Way to go!

Janelle said...

My first thought on this challenge was to try to actually balance a couple of objects like this, but I quickly realized that I'm really just not that good. Great job!

Blake said...

nice job on getting them balanced even long enough to take the shot!

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