Monday, April 6, 2009

Let the voting begin!

HOLY COW! This challenge felt (at least to me) like it went SO fast! But it's a rainy Monday morning and it's time to vote.

This voting stuff is seriously getting harder and harder. And we keep getting more and more members who are doing beautiful work! Thank you again to everyone for your contributions.

Still looking for some Friday features to finish up April. The 17th through the end of the month. I thought we would do a drawing to help spice things up. IF You sign up and follow through with a Friday feature, you will be entered in a drawing quarterly to win some fun stuff--I promise it has to do with photography! :)

So sign up now! :) I will update the calendar later today, so get your name in there while you can! :)

Oh, and let's vote!

Be sure to put:

Then any shoutouts you have. It's fun to see your name mentioned, even if you don't win, right?

Have fun!


Lindy said...

Best Take On The Challenge: AprilF

Best Overall Photo: Jenny

April, I totally want to know how you did that! Great job ladies!

Jackie said...

Best Take: April F !!

Best Overall: Erin Wageman

Gosh ! So hard to pik on these...great job everyone

Teri said...

Best Take: April F
Best All Around: Mindy

Ditto to what Jackie said. Voting is definetly getting harder. Shout out to Erin with her bird picture, It is very beautiful.

Dave said...

Best take: Brittney
Best over all: Erin

Is it cheating to vote for my wife? honorable mention goes to Julie for the flag I've been wanting to shoot the exact picture for the last couple of weeks. Another to teri, skate boarders don't have much hang time so I thought it was a great shot.

AprilF said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best Overall: Erin

Shout-out to Rachel and Mindy!

Dave- it's only cheating if she didn't have the best ;)

Rachel- I can do a FF on the 17th if it's open!

Candace said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best Overall: Erin

Those were just my two very favorite pictures. Thought the bird pic was amazing and the motion captured by Brittney was incredible. Very good job girls!

However, I also LOVED April F.'s boy on the go, I can't wait to learn how to do a composite like that! And I also thought Teri's capture of her son on the skateboard was fantastic! I agree with what Dave said, I've watched skateboarders and their hang time is not long at all, so that is a great shot she captured!

Voting is getting serious around here! :)

Erin Wageman said...
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Erin Wageman said...

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: Felicia
Most unique:) Shanda! Great take on the Challenge!

Mindy I can just here the whirrrr of those beaters, and Felicia I love the curiosity of that little boy!
Thumbs up to... Dave's and Brittany's I really liked the movement in these. And Teri.. That picture is really Awesome!! there were so many great pictures it was hard to choose just two! Great Job Everyone!!

Shanda Call said...

I'd be happy to do a friday feature girl.

Shanda Call said...

Best Take: Dave
Best Overall: Erin

Loved Mindy's WHIR of the beaters and Felicias ants, Julies flag, teri's skateboarder, and of course April F's little runner.

Everyone did a great job. It's getting hard to choose just one person

Teryn said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best Overall: Brittney

(Everyone did great but I just fell in LOVE with this one!)

Riggs Family said...

Best take- Felicia Howell
Best overall- LeAnn

Janelle said...

I was MIA this challenge. I was on vacation all week, and driving home by myself (well, with my almost-one-year-old) all day Saturday. If I had looked at the challenge Saturday morning before I left, I'd've taken a picture out my car window. Oh well.

Best take on challenge: Brittney
Best photo: April F

Honorable mentions: Dave and Mindy

Brittney said...

Am I the only one who has a hard time voting?! I keep changing my mind. I think I've finally figured it out though

Best Take: Mindy
Best overall: April F

Shout-outs to my other favorites: Dave, Erin and Felicia. LOVED THEM!

Jen said...

Best overall: Erin Wagerman
Best Take: Mindy

I really loved Britteny's picture too. So cute!

Katy said...

overall: April F
take: Dave

Wow, that was difficult-- everyone is sooo good!

Melinda said...

Best overall: Brittany

Best Take: Shanda

I don't think I ought to vote this week, since I was AWOL for the challenge, but I did look at and like these, and many others!

Blake said...

Wow tons of good pictures

Best Take: Mindy - love the motion on the beaters

Best Picture - Jenny H - it is fantastic.

So many good ones with motion this week with the blur and stuff great job everyone it was hard to decide.

{Alynn} said...

Best Take: Mindy
Best Overall: April F.

April, you need to do a FF and teach us how to do that! : )

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Take: Mindy (GREAT motion!)
Best Overall: Erin W. (Beautiful pic!)
Shoutouts this challenge go to: Dave (great job on your first picture!), Teri, Leann, and Jen. Can you tell I had a hard time deciding?

Breezi said...

Best Take: Felicia H.
Best Overall: Mindy

Shoutouts: Erin W., Teri, Brittney

Mindy said...

Best Take: Brittney
Best Overall: AprilF

I'm so sorry I wasn't able to comment on everyone's photos this time around... GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! Hopefully I have my stinkin' computer fixed sometime soon.

Mindy said...

p.s. Rach... I'm always happy to do a friday feature when you need me to. (especially with the possibility of photography related prizes! ;)

Julie N. said...

Best Take: Mindy

Best Overall: April F

They were all great and I'm so excited to see more!