Sunday, April 5, 2009


My boy in motion. For this photo I wanted more of the back ground to be blurred but he just wasn't riding fast enough. Maybe next time I will make my husband ride instead. 
I also have a question for some of ya. I'm wanting to make a signature thing to put on my photos. How do I do that?
ISO 200, F36, 1/80


Katy said...

great picture, he looks like he's having a blast (hurray for good weather!) good job!

Candace said...

Leann, do you have photoshop? If so, you can go to MCP Actions and she has a free action on her page to help you make a watermark for your pictures. That's one way to do it! :)

LeAnn and Cris said...

Candace I have photoshop elements. By no means are my photos the best out there but I just want something on y photos to discourage people from taking them and putting them elsewhere. Can I make my own?