Monday, April 6, 2009

Friday signups

Hey, just letting everyone know I put the Friday Feature calendar up on the sidebar. Please take note and let me know if I got anything wrong. I was trying to gather all the volunteers from a variety of comments, so if I need to change anything I will.

Thanks again for all your contributions! Each of you add so much!

p.s. please note you can pre-schedule your feature ahead of time--
p.p.s. Dave, I think you should do one on panning! You got that down for sure! :)


Dave said...

I'll study up on it and practice some more, just tell me when.

Rachel H. said...

Do you want to aim for May 29? That gives you ample time!! :)

You did a great shot--really impressive! I am sure you will dazzle us once again with your feature on it! :)

Dave said...

may 29th sounds good, I'll do it!