Thursday, October 1, 2009

Many Moods

This is my daughter showing the many moods a 3 month old experiences within minutes.

I shot with my point and click (which I'm not very adept at using) because I didn't want to get the "big" camera out, they are packed for a wedding we're doing this weekend in Wyoming.
cc please


B-Blogit said...

I love the different moods nicely done. That is a cute baby for sure and I like the b/w touch to it. I am only wishing I could see the ears a bit more. Maybe thats just me. That is all though.

Valerie Harris said...

I was using a premade template and I didn't shoot the photos vertically so I couldnt' zoom out more, if that makes sense. I wished I would have taken the photos vertically but I guess you live and learn!

Thanks for the CC - Don't want it to sound like I'm making excuses - just explaining