Friday, September 18, 2009

Poll Posted

Given that the last challenge was given a week and we have a significant more than the last challenge and more than previous challenges I just want to get an idea of what time frame is best for everyone.

It is obvious to me that it is M24, but it is also obvious that time frame doesnt provide people with enough time to post. So please make your vote on the top right hand side poll! You dont need to comment here unless you feel the need. You can also keep your comment private and email to

Remember this is your challenge blog so make it your vote known. If it comes out we all like the week time to post better maybe we can work out a name change or something to Mission Weekly or something like that. Though M24 is so so catchy!


Janelle said...

I'm not voting in the poll, but I'll give my two cents here. I really liked having two challenges per week (though, like others, I got frustrated and discouraged with low participation). However, since I'm not actively participating right now due to lack of a good camera, I won't cast my vote in favor of multiple challenges per week. But that would be my choice if I were doing much. Having two challenges in the week really helped me push myself to do better, and I know I improved because I had to force myself to find my creativity.

Rachel H. said...

I think a week is a long time to go between challenges. I know I haven't been able to participate as much lately, but now that they weight of running the blog is off my shoulders, I hope to get back in the game. One week is a long time to FORGET about the challenge. I think 2-3 days MAX to get a picture up should be sufficient--and then you could still have 2 challenges a week.

But I am open to however you change this.

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