Thursday, September 17, 2009

Featured Photographer, Alynn!

Hello friends! My name is Alynn (it's pronounced "uh"-lynn like "duh-lynn" : } Silly, I know, but it makes me laugh, and now you'll always remember)! I'm so happy to be a part of this blog (thanks so much Rachel)! Before M24, I had no (as in ZERO) experience at photography, and I have completely fallen in love with my new little hobby! Thanks so much for your tips and guidance, and plain 'ole good examples! I'm having so much fun!

What camera do you use?
I’m still working off of a point-and-shoot, but I have to admit that I’m in love with my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S780!

What is your favorite photography subject? (or, what do you like to take pictures of the best?)
Is there any doubt? My kids, my family!

What camera equipment is on your wish list?
I wish for… camera equipment!!! : ) I’m just starting to do some research for a nice, simple camera to get that makes me look like a pro, any suggestions (I have noticed a lot of you use Nicon D80/90's)? And then I’ll definitely need a flash like April F’s to go with it! FABULOUS!

What are your hobbies outside of photography?
I’m up for just about anything! My husband and I were avid scuba divers before we moved back to Idaho from Washington and became landlocked… *sigh.* I would love to give underwater photography a shot someday! We also have a motorcycle, three-wheeler, we are always off camping or fishing (we’re all about cheap, family fun entertainment here!), I also love to blog, play the piano (I've played for 21 years and taught off and on for about 5), I dabble at quilting, and I love to bake, read, but mostly just play!

Tell us about your family! (married? Kids?)
My lovey-hubby Todd and I just had our 10 year anniversary (still so in love with that wonderful man)! There are also three little monkeys running amuck around this place, Elizabeth is 8 (so smart, responsible, and sensitive), Caroline is 5 (so silly, playful, and social), and Louis is two (very boy, very two).

Where do you live? (you don’t have to be specific if you don’t feel comfortable).
Somehow Rexburg, ID pulled me back in… how does it do that? I've also lived in Utah and Puerto Rico, but our years in Washington were my favorite.

Do you have a blog you would like to share? (family blog or photography blog?)
You can visit my family blog called In Our Padded Room, you'll make my day if you leave a comment!

What is the best photography advice you have ever received?
TAKE A MILLION PICTURES, if that’s what it takes. One of them is bound to be good! : ) I also have loved the tips I’ve gotten from all of you! Get down, watch your lighting, and fill the frame of your photograph!

What (if any) editing program do you use?
I was a happy girl when my hubby surprised me with PhotoShop Elements 7. That was a good day!

Can you share your favorite 3 pictures with us??
Now this is hard. This was the first shot that I got that made me think, "Wow, I think I'm gonna have to do a whole lot more of this..." My girls aren't posed, just out there playin' in the rain.

My little fisherman. I loved the colors in this, besides, it's SOOC!

These last two only count as 1/2 a photo each since I can't decide. Do I bore you with another shot of my family, or throw in an amazing sunset to show my versatility? Dilemmas, dilemmas....


B-Blogit said...

Its good to get to know you a little bit especially since we both know several people! small world!

Excellent photos you got here! You are very skilled. YAY for Rexburg and YAY for point and shoots

B-Blogit said...

And for some odd reason this didnt post in the most recent! Sorry about that! I will figure that out!

Teryn said...

Good to meet ya! I know what you mean about Rexburg- I miss it terribly.

Tip on your future camera- I had just decided I was going to save up for a D90 but I heard they are coming out with a new version of it in August. It's a ways away but if you can hold off, it ought to be good.

Candace said...

I loved reading all this about you Alynn!!!! You're awesome and I wish we could hang out... in person. :)

Katy said...

i LOVE ya Alynn!!!! your fantastic and i'm soooo glad you're a stone's throw from me... why, oh WHY haven't we played yet???

I love that you and your hubs are so active and cool. I wanna be cool. I wanna say, "yeah, me and my hubs just got back from scuba diving in the great waters of (fill in the blank with somewhere exotic)" instead, I'm like, "yeah, me and my hubs are re-watching the episodes of That 70's Show... again"

ps. i LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos... the ones that are typically favorites are the ones that evoke the greatest emotions.... and that's typically the fam... and you have a beautiful fam!

Teri said...

It is so nice to get to know you a little better, your pictures are beautiful and there is nothing wrong with taking lots of pictures of family. ( I do it all the time)

Rachel H. said...

JUST LOVE YA Alynn! I am so glad you found the photographer in you--it's natural! :)

AprilF said...

Hi Alynn!! I totally agree with Rachel- you've got a great natural eye!

hotmama03 said...

hi!! great to get to know you. i am also just getting started in photography, my hubby likes it when i am happy using my camera. its so much fun, and i have gotten to know a great big bunch of new friends on here. i also love the comments, it is such a big help.

{Alynn} said...

Thank you one and all! You guys are so great for my self esteem! :)