Friday, August 28, 2009

LESS....needs more pictures

Okay everyone. Let's add one more day. I know that I actually HAVE taken pictures the past few challenges and then haven't been able to get them in on time.

Let's give everyone a little extension if you want to get your picture in for less.


And let's get the comments rolling... :)

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Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...

Ahh!! I feel so lost and frusterated right now, because I want so much to be doing this Mission Blog, and I haven't had the time at all. I'm at school from 9am to 10pm every tues and thurs, with 2 photo classes, and 2d design and computers and by the time I have time to pick up my camera for fun...well lets face it, I never have time now to pick it up for's all for class! So if I can ever get things under control, I will be back to blog here again. I truly love it and hope I get time someday again! Thanks for all you have done to put it together woman!