Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CYC: Vintage checkers

Another shot from the Whitney store in Kirtland. There is an old-fashioned checkers board set up on a table there, with two sets of checkers, these reddish ones, and yellow ones on the other side you can see here. Both are made out of corn.

About the photo: I desaturated the colors a little, warmified, and added a film grain. I tried to make the vintage era stuff look a little more like a vintage era photo.


You can see all my runners-up here.

(By the way, last night I was leaving the grocery store, and I saw a great opportunity for a "shadow" photo. There were thin wisps of clouds crossing in front of a nearly full moon. I dutifully pulled out my camera, and began snapping away. They came out miserably. Does anyone know how to do night photography, especially without fancy lenses? Is that even possible? That would be a really great tutorial subject.)


Blake said...

No this is a good shot and a clever idea as well. Cool way to use a checker board. I like how you shot it on an angle so you get them in a line like a vanishing point almost! Nice job!

Shelby said...

Never seen checkers like that before, way cool. great photo.