Friday, August 7, 2009

"Cool"ing off

A sandy beach in Utah you say?
Oh yes! There is a man made lake they just opened last year about 3 minutes from our home, they brought in a sandy beach on one end this year. It is our favorite place to "Cool" off this summer! We LOVE in there. This picture was taken as my oldest daughter poured wet sand on my 2nd daughter Emily. I just love the expression that was captured, and the sand still falling in the background. SO FUN!
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Blake said...

sweet! Lakes are still nice even if they are man made. I like how you can still get some gritty detail with the patch of sand on her shoulder and arms!

I tried a shot with a down turned face last time, looks like you did a better job than I of getting more light on the face creating less shadow! Nice photo!

hotmama03 said...

the look of surprise is pricless. geat shot-way to be camera ready.

Shanda Call said...

Look that that face! you KNOW she loves it. I love the colors. The only thing I'd maybe do is crop in a little more on the left side so the focus stays on her face more.

Great job