Friday, July 10, 2009

Voting: Inspiration

Good morning everyone. Time to vote on Inspiration. Vote for your top two favorites, please vote by midnight tonight (Pacific time).


Jenn Kamp said...

Charolette~ Secret Life of Bees
Rachel~ While looking for inspiration

Those are my two favorites :)

Melinda said...

Top Favorites:

Jenn(Kamp) with her cute chair and Scriptures

{Alynn} and her rays of inspiration.

Shoutouts to Charlotte, Shelby and Rachel. Awesome job, everyone!

Blake said...

Charlotte - Secret Life of Bees
Alynn - Rays of Inspiration

Shouts Out
Sylvia's - Niki
Breezi - On High
Rachel - Looking For Inspiration

Felicia H. said...

Alynn and Breezi

Charlotte said...

Alynn and Breezi.

Shout outs to Rachel and Jenn.

Mindy said...

Can't I vote for three?? Please? ;)

I guess I'll give my votes to:
Alynn's sunlit fence and
Charlotte's bee

and give Rachel a big huge shoutout...

I'm sorry I missed this challenge... photo and comments. I'll be back soon. :)

Rachel H. said...

Gotta vote FINALLY...I have missed this for weeks now!


And Alynn...gorgeous gorgeous!

And a shoutout to Charlotte!! Way to catch that bee!

Shelby said...

My 2 fav's

Susan, "Grape Inspiration"
Alynn, Ray's of Inspiration

Sylvia said...

Susan the "Grape Inspiration" is really my favorite. Vote #1

susan said...

charlotte's bees and Melinda's chocolate
shout out Shelby's art

Sylvia said...

Oops....sorry forgot the 'Shout outs' Alynn, Ray of Inspiration and Breezi.

Breezi said...

Two Favs:
Charlotte with her busy bee
Jen for her sweet kitty

Sylvia, princess Jen, Alynn, Janelle (I'm still laughing...), Jenn.

Janelle said...

Top two: Breezi, Crys

Shoutouts: Susan, Alynn, Shelby