Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow, I think this is the first time I've posted mid-week. But after being in a bit of a photography slump, I felt INSPIRED. After a long day at work and an after work dinner party, I was laying on the lawn. When I looked over and saw how cute my cat, Ani, was with the setting sun backlighting her, I had to get my camera.
22mm, F4, 1/250 sec, 400 ISO (I forgot to reset it). Also, my computer crashed so I have no Photoshop. :(
I tried so hard to get firework shots for our Patriotism challenge, but they all ended up looking like this

8 mm, F 6.9, 4 seconds, ISO 100 Does anyone have any tips? I want to know how Teryn got such a clear black sky without all the smoke in her fireworks picture! CC


Blake said...

I like the warm sunlight with the color of the cat. I dont know how you got the cat to pose like that so that is a great shot in itself.

As for the fireworks I think the fstop and ISO could be adjusted or maybe a little further back from the site they shoot them off. Im sort of new for photography so maybe the other seasons shooters can tell ya better. Looks great with the smoke to me though it adds to it and makes it a bit different. Not many shots ive seen havent included the smoke.

Shelby said...

What a pretty cat,,Purrrrrr
I like the tall sprigs of grass catching the light.