Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Temp. Limit

I think I misunderstood the length of time for the challenge, so I understand that this will probably be deleted, but I was able to do this challenge (the first in a while), so here goes:

My 3-year-old boy is very sick today, and this was his temperature. I REALLY hope it is the limit, because it always scares me when it goes so high. All he wanted to do was snuggle in something soft, and be held by me. It's so hard to see them sick!

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Kristine N said...

I hope your little boy feels better soon. I know I was really scared as well when my daughter had a fever--especially because she got sick about the time swine flu was on everyone's mind.

The picture is decent. I think I might have chosen a different texture to put the thermometer on because the fuzziness of the fabric is somewhat at odds with the severity of the temperature. Otherwise, it's well-lit and well-framed.