Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Limit: Voting

With only seven entries for this challenge, please LIMIT yourselves to one vote for your most favorite. Don't forget shoutouts! I'll leave the voting open until 1:00pm Eastern Time tomorrow.


Blake said...

AprilF might be my fav it is so hard they were all so good.

Shouts out
actually shouts out to everyone they were all great!

Mindy said...

My vote goes to Blake! :)

susan said...

even tho I could not do the challenge do to the inconvenience of my working schedule(how dare it) I still want to vote
Alynn was my fav(love nature)

Teri said...

My Favorite goes to Melanie for Heat Hath no limit.

Shoutouts to everyone else. Everyone did a great job once again.

{Alynn} said...

I vote for Teri!

Shoutout to AprilF... it was so hard to decide!

Melinda said...

Wasn't able to participate, but I LOVED Teri's milk and cookies. Nice!

hotmama03 said...

My favorite is AprilF creative crayola.
Love the color idea.

Shelby said...

My Fav;
Alynn, Limit: one

Shouts to Teri & Melanie

Janelle said...

My favorite was Melanie, but Blake gets a nice shoutout, too.