Tuesday, June 2, 2009

WINNERS: Portrait

Good morning everyone!

Not only did we have great submissions this time around, and an increase in comments again, but we also had great voting. There were tons of shout-outs, and so many people were recognized, but there were two very clear favorites.

First place goes to Erin, with In the Moment, her daughter playing in the sprinkler.

Second place goes to Erica, with her debut photo on Mission 24, Portrait of my KyKy, the baby in the bikini.

Well done ladies (and everyone who participated)!

(Click here to see all winning photos from all challenges!)


{Alynn} said...

Congratulations ladies! Those were two amazing photographs!!!

Thanks everybody for the shout outs (and a couple of REAL votes)! YOU MADE MY DAY!

Katy said...

Way to GOOOO winners! Everyone did awesome!

Candace said...

Erin, I would've been so disappointed if you didn't win wiht that amazing picture of your daughter in the sprinkler! And Erica,that's awesome that you one on your big debut! Congratulations girls!

Erin Wageman said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad that you liked my picture, its really flattering! Great job Erica, I loved your baby photo!

Mindy said...

Congratulations, Erin and Erica! Both were such amazing pictures!!

Erica said...

Wow, thanks everyone. Way to make a girl feel welcome! These were all such great photos, I'm honored that you all liked my little KyKy so much. Thanks!