Monday, June 1, 2009

Voting: Portrait

Wow! There were some great submissions this time! We almost made it to 30!! It was good to see some long lost photographers reappear, and to see the great photos from the regulars too!

Vote for your TWO favorites (with so many awesome portraits, how can we pick just one??), and don't forget to give shoutouts to your runners-up!

Crys and Teri won the last challenge, so try to find someone else to vote for. ;)

Let's see LOTS of votes this time... our voting has dwindled too, and we want some opinions here! ;) Even if you didn't post, please vote!


Mindy said...

This was DANG hard... you all did such a great job!!

My votes go to:
April's amazing picture of an adorable family AND Rachel's captivating picture of a gorgeous sister.

Shoutouts to:
Erin's water girl
Jenny's little angel
Brittney's blue-eyed doll
Candace's laughing boy
Blake's puckered prince
Alynn's joyful sweetie
Erica's adorable munchkin
Felicia's smiling cutie

Erin Wageman said...

Erica-I loved the bright colors, and her smile, I can't wait to see more!
Brittney-Those blue eyes are sparkling!

I had a really hard time chosing between all of these, I really don't know if I liked any more than the other!
Princess Jen-his nose!!! thats all I'm going to say!
felica- Your little boy has the cutest smile!
Blake-What a face! The Bright blond and the Blue, great shot!
April- I love the pose, and the family shot! Can I use it?
Katy-Great shot of your Man! I really like how you used the sky!
Great job to everyone!! This is getting more and more of a challenge! I like it!

hotmama03 said...

Erica-love the grin and the little teeth cute stuff

blake-love the fish face i am helpless when they do that great picture

shoutouts-mindy, rachel, candace, dave

Brittney said...

My top two: Mindy and Erin

HUGE shoutouts to: Alynn, Lindy Lu, Erica and Dave

Candace said...

My #1 Favorite: Erin... I LOVE this!!! If this was mine, it would be on my wall for sure!

My #2 Favorite: April F's awesome family shot! Great job!!

Teri's gorgeous girl
Rachel's beautiful sister
Mindy's handsome Cooper
Alynn's sweet Caroline
Erica's spunky Kylie
Katy's hunky hubby
Felicia's adorable Allston

Great job, everyone!!!

Blake said...

So hard to pick for me. Apparently babies are my weakness

Top 2:

Shouts Out to people who have posted this time who havent before. You are amazing keep posting!


{Alynn} said...

Erica: KyKy
Princess Jen: Young Artist

Wow, that was hard!!! There is some really awesome work here this week, nice job everyone!

BIG 'Ole Shoutouts to:
Felicia, Katy, April F, Mindy, Candace, Brittney, and Erin!!!

Melanie said...

My votes: Mindy & Rachel

Shout outs to:
Brittney, Teri, Erin, Alynn, Blake, April F, Felicia & Erica

Katy said...

holy shmoly, difficult!!!!

top two: Erin's sprinkler fun
Alynn's happy daughter


AprilF said...

This was really hard this week- my top two are TERI and ALYNN! Great job ladies!

Shoutouts- Erin and Rachel and Mindy!

Charlotte said...

Rachel and Erin.

Shoutout to Alynn, Mindy, and Brittney.

Felicia H. said...

My 2 favorites are Erins and Erica's

Shoutouts-Katy, Alynn and Brittney

Jackie said...

My Votes: Erin W & Erica

But let me just say that it was very difficult...loved: Janelle,Mindy, Candace Teri and Rachel,....well all of them !!

Melinda said...

My votes: Erin W and Erica

My Shoutouts:
Rachel...loved Abby's picture!
Blake...what a hilarious face!
AprilF...what a cute family!
And TONS more, but those stuck out. Awesome job, all!

Shelby said...

Favorites; The E's have it!
Erin & Erica

Shoutouts; I liked sooo many..
these are just a few
Mindy, Rachel, AprilF, Princess Jen

Jenny and Travis said...

Top 2: Erin W and Erica (Welcome to the blog!! So glad to have you!!)

Shoutouts to Rachel, Candace, and Princess Jen. Great job everyone!

Lindy Lue said...

i vote for erin! fantastic shot!

and second fav to erica!

(i am soooooo super busy or i would tell you all what i adore. summers are nuts for me! so nobody be mad at me for brief short comments please!)

susan said...

my 2 favs: Erin and Blake
everyone is a shoutout!!!

Captured Moments by Jenn said...

Favorites: Erin & Erica

Shout outs to everyone, esp April F. ~Love your family picture~

Shanda Call said...

Erin and Erica. Nice job everyone! Really fun to be back and see the great photos!

Teri said...

My 2 favorites are Brittney with her baby cakes and Alyn with her Sweet Caroline

Shoutout to Erica, Felicia, Rachel, Erin and April F... altho everyone did great once again!

Teryn said...

Wow! This was tough. They were all so awesome and so different. My top two had an unplanned theme... BIG GRINS! I just loved them.

Alynn- Tons of personality
Erica- Fantasic debut! I love the colors.

Shoutouts- EVERYONE! But at the top were Erin, Brittney, Mindy and Felicia. You were all amazing- sorry I couldn't leave more comments this time around.

Janelle said...

Really tough voting this time. I blame Mindy and Rachel. If they hadn't pushed us all to get more posts, I would have to choose between so many. :)

Two favorites:
Erin and Rachel

Shoutouts: Lindy Lue, Susan, Erica, Blake, Candace, Dave.

princess jen said...

I love Erin's sprinkler shot and I really am quite pleased with the one I took this time around. I also love Brittney's babycakes.

Rachel H. said...

Okay, Erin for sure...LOVED her picture!! And I loved a lot of others, but I have to give Jen with her little guy in the suit the next favorite...SOOO CUTE! You totally stepped up on this challenge and rocked it! AWESOME~!

Shouting out many. Mindy--beautiful boy!
April, ROCKING family photo
Erica, WELCOME and gorgeous pic!
Brittney--WOWSA on those baby blues!
Alynn--TOTALLY caught her personality!

and...gosh, so many more!! GREAT WORK!