Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tips and Tricks for Better Landscape Pictures

I love nature. It is my favorite thing to take pictures of. I am especially drawn to landscape photos. I love taking them and I love looking at them. I'm going to share a few quick tips I've learned on how to get better landscape pictures.

NEVER, EVER put your horizon in the middle of the frame.

Decide what holds more interest in the picture and capture more of that. For example, in this picture I captured more of the hoo-doos

and this one I captured more of the sky.

Try to capture foreground, middle and background to give the picture depth.

The weeds are the foreground, the lake/mountains are the middle and the sky/distant mountains make up the background.

Look for Scaling Opportunities

If you want to show the true majesty of a mountain, or in this case a narrow slot canyon, look for something you can capture in the picture that will help show its true size. I had Britt stand in this one and it seemed to do the trick.

Look for S-Curves to lead your eye through the picture

Or any curve for that matter. It's a cool way to add direction to the picture.


Mindy said...

Awesome tutorial, Dave! The pictures are gorgeous! Thanks for the tips. :)

Katy said...

Dave this was a GREAT tutorial!!!! A LOT of awesome tips... and it was totally easy for me to follow you... I also love the pictures... that one of Brittney in the corner... wow, without her, I would have just thought the rocks were a normal sized structure! Thanks MUCH!

Janelle said...

Really great tutorial! Thanks so much.

Candace said...

Great job, Dave, thanks for posting!

Shelby said...

Dave, Thanks for the great information. Really love your depth and s curves examples.

Erin Wageman said...

nicely done!! I especially liked the last picture, hope you have it framed! So happy to have learned something new today!

Breezi said...

Wowza! You guys have some awesome adventures :)

Great pictures, Great Tutorial.