Monday, June 8, 2009

Mission 24 business for the day

This will be quick as I am getting ready to head to Utah today.

JUST A REMINDER that we are having the Mission 24 get together tomorrow in Utah---
(Bountiful area). I sent an email out with the address. IF YOU DID NOT GET THAT and want to come, please let me know. Kids are welcome and we hope to have a great time. The Idaho one was a blast, and it made me super excited to meet all of you in Utah!

Also, we started the feature photographer a while back, but I completely dropped the ball posting them while on vacation. I want to start that back up this week, but only have a few people who preposted their with their pictures. So, a reminder for that is that even though most of you emailed me your responses, I realized it would take FOREVER for me to post everyone's pictures. So, I need each of you to go on and post them yourself. It's really easy to prepost.

Just copy and paste your questionairre into a new post. Add your self portrait and your 3 favorite pictures (like you post your pictures for challenges) and then prepost it. To do that, click on POST OPTIONS--it will be just under the your text box on the left hand side.

It will drop down an area that talks about comments and backlinks--don't worry about that stuff. On the right hand side you will see POST DATE AND TIME. PLEASE put in the date 9/9/09. I will then change the date when it's your turn to post. But at least it will be on the computer and ready to post.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about that, please let me know. A lot of you haven't done it yet...and i would love to be able to introduce everyone.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you didn't get the email about the mission 24 get together and want to come. My address is on the sidebar.