Sunday, June 28, 2009

summer time yum

cc always welcome

THis is what summer time is in our family. Getting lots of friends together and feasting


Blake said...

WOW deep red and I like how the reflection was caught from the metal!

Mindy said...

Yum!! I WISH this is what I feasted on all summer! Unfortunately I live "inland". :)

Katy said...

Oh my gosh, i'm totally and utterly jealous that this is your summertime... I WANT THIS!!! what an awesome picture too.. the RED is awesome and i love the silver bowl!! GREAT job!!

Kristine N said...

My family has a traditional outing to Strawberry Reservoir on the 24th of July expressly for catching crawdads. This picture makes me just a tad homesick, and sad I live in Indiana during the summer!

I like the textures you've captured in the photo--I can almost feel the heat coming off the freshly-boiled crawdads, and smell their faint mossiness.