Monday, June 29, 2009

The big vote!

Okay everyone, I have to say that I AM SO impressed with your pictures this time around! Seems like there was a GREAT amount of submissions and such good talent! I feel so inspired--not only with photography, but by all the things that summer IS! :)

SO, let's vote! What picture made you feel SUMMER the most? Pick your favorite 2!!!

We will do the big reveal tomorrow....can't WAIT to put a name to all this talent!


Janelle said...

Please be sure to vote for your favorite by the title post, not "the one with the strawberries" or something like that, because we do have several entries that are similar in theme.

I'll be back to vote later!

Mindy said...

I've got to give my two votes to:
Summer Sunset & Smores!!

Shoutouts to:
Fun in the Sun
Summer Is....

I can't wait to find out who all these pictures belong to!

Melinda said...

My two votes go to:
Fun in the Sun and
Wildflowers at Dusk (this was awesome!)

Cherry Oh, Cherry Oh, Baby
Summer Night Sunsets

I was SO impressed with all these!

Charlotte said...

Hands down: Cherry Oh, Cherry Oh, Baby wins IMO.

I can't even come up with a second one.

Shelby said...

My 2 votes are for;
Cherry Oh Cherry oh baby, &
New Discoveries

Big Shouts to;
Wildflowers at dusk,Swingin days of summer, Both sunset pics, &
I got Lei'd (so did my husband for his b day in april, we had a luau party :)

Teri said...

My two votes go to:
Summer Sunset and
Fun in the Sun

Shoutouts to:
Summer Night Sunset
Cherry Oh Cherry
and Swingin Days of summer

Melanie said...

My votes:
Cherry oh Cherry oh Baby - WOW!
Wildflowers at Dusk - beautiful.

Summer Night Sunsets

This was a fun challenge, and I really like the anonymity!

Katy said...

this was such a FUN challenge! I loved it!!!

Great pictures from EVERYONE!

my top two:
Cherry Oh Cherry Oh BABY!!!! (i soooo love this one)

I Got Lei'd

shoutouts: Wildflowers at Dusk, Fresh Summer Food, Pool Party, Fun in the Sun, Summer is...

Blake said...

Cherry Oh Cherry Oh Baby

Loved all the sillouette and crab/crawdad pics!

hotmama03 said...

my favorite is
Cherry oh cherry oh baby
wild flowers at dusk

great job to all and i really like the secret work no names really lets us go out and do stuff.

susan said...

my two votes
wildflowers at dusk

shoutouts to all

{Alynn} said...

Cherry Oh Cherry Baby
Fun in the Sun

Shououts to:
Wildflowers at Dusk
Swingin' Days of Summer
Summer Sunset
New Discoveries

LeAnn Moss said...

Cherry Oh, Cherry Baby
Swingin' days of of Summer

Shout outs too
Wildflowers at Dusk
Fun in the Sun

Jenn Kamp said...

My vote 4 this 1:

Fun in the Sun & Wildflowers at dusk.

shoutouts to Cherry Oh, and S'mores


Erin Wageman said...

Summer is...

Cherry oh cherry oh baby

Felicia H. said...

cherry oh cherry oh baby and summer is

Rachel H. said...

Okay---S'MORES and summer sunset...



Kristine N said...

Pool party and Fun in the Sun

Shoutouts to SeaWorld Summer, Summer is..., Cherry oh Cherry, S'mores!! and Lei'd

Julie N. said...

So many great pictures!

Top Two:

Wildflowers at Dusk
SeaWorld Summer

Shoutouts to everyone!

Janelle said...

Top Two: Sea World Summer and Wildflowers at Dusk

Shoutouts: Summer Is..., Fun in the Sun, Cherry Oh Cherry Oh Baby, S'mores, Fresh Summer Food, Summer Night Sunsets, and Summer Sunset.