Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Time

This is the sign that Mommy's run enough errands and it's time to go home and put the poor little boy to bed.

f/2.0, SS 1/160, ISO 200
d300, 50 mm prime lens


Brittney said...

Oh my, that is seriously adorable. BTW-freakin' cute carseat!

Kristine N said...

Well-framed, well-lit, and, as Brittney said, seriously adorable. Awesome job!

princess jen said...

I've been there myself. Invariably I have just one more errand I need to run though! Very fun take on this challenge.

Brittney said...

d300...are you sportin a new camera?! If you have always had it please disregard this comment ;).

Candace said...

haha... I got the d300 about three months ago. I love it. But I still use my d60 too. :) Great cameras.

Mindy said...

Sigh... I just want to kiss those cheeks. I love this picture... it's definitely a keeper!

Breezi said...

What a sweet little man!
I have a love/hate relationship when my kids fall asleep in the car.
Love: They are finally asleep.
hate: They usually wake up on their way in the house. :(

Hope he got a great nap in for you!

(Good lighting on the photo!)

Katy said...

cute cute cute cute!!!!!!

he's precious and I too love love love the carseat!!!