Thursday, May 28, 2009

Voting: Sweet

We had some totally SWEET pictures this time and I don't know about you... but I HAD to get some ice cream (and cake.... and a Snickers bar) at the end of looking at these!

Let's VOTE!

Now, here's da way we gonna do.... Only vote for your FAVORITE picture... just the ONE. Shout-outs are always welcome!

Our most recent winners are: Katy with the One Year Older Bday Cake And Mindy's Beautiful Newborn Baby photo

(addition: It's 12:26am here in Idaho when I posted this... but if you're still wanting to post tonight... please feel free-- I just want to go to bed and mornings are a tad crazy for me so remembering to post this in the morn... not too reliable! Sorry if there's any confusion!)


susan said...

favorite: sweet little baby butt by Teri

Kristine N said...

Difficult choice, but I'm going for Mindy's sweet lettuce leaves.

I also loved Brittany's rose and Home sweet home by Crys.

Brittney said...

I vote for Candace's scrummmmptious cake.

Shoutouts to Mindy, Crys and Jackie. Oh and to Blake for his "more rum" shot. It was adorable.

Mindy said...

Brittney's rose! Gorgeous picture!!

Shoutouts to: Katy & Kristine

Teri said...

Favorite: Brittney's Rose
Shoutouts to: Katy, Kristine and Crys, once again everyone did awsome!!

Blake said...

Fav: Crys

seriously it should be on a cover of a magazine, it is so good!

Shouts out: Candace's cake and Brittney's rose

Breezi said...

Fav: Crys.
Great job!

Felicia H. said...

Best Overall Teri

Shoutouts Breezi and Brittney

Sorry I didn't post a picture this time I hate missing challanges.

Katy said...

my Fave: Crys!

Candace said...

My Favorite: Crys

Shout-OUts: Loved Teri's little baby butt and Brittney's rose!

Jackie said...

My Fav: Katy

Really like the whole setup & idea

Shoutouts: Mindy,Candace,Crys

Jackie said...

Ok, Im am so slow...hehe, I guess Katy cant I would say
My fav: Crys..... :) sorry