Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet: Sweets for my Sweetie

I didn't get to post this in time (even though I took it on time), but I still wanted to post it.

Every year after Easter, I buy a ton of Cadbury Creme Eggs because my husband loves them. I hide them from him, and then give him one at a time throughout the year as he "earns" them. Usually it's for doing something really nice for me, or being especially great when I've had a bad day.


(See my runners up here.)


Brittney said...

Oooooh I want one! You guys are KILLING me here, taunting me with all these delicious treats. I love that you post your runnerups. In fact I love that you always try a few different takes on the challenge. They were all REALLY good. The bubble wrap one made me laugh.

Katy said...

I agree, I love all your different takes and ideas... the bubble wrap was so unique!! Great shot, I LOVE Cadbury creme eggs!!!!!!!! If I were your hubby, I'd behave like an ANGEL all the time to get one of those!!!

Mindy said...

Your hubby must be easy to please! ;) And I don't have any idea how you keep from eating those yourself! ;)

Janelle said...

It's easy Mindy...I don't like them!