Monday, May 25, 2009


Good morning, and welcome to today's edition of VOTING! Great submissions by everyone. I'm tempted to choose "yummiest" as a voting category today because we had a lot of food-related submissions, but it leaves too many people out of the running. Here's what we've got instead:

Most fun
Best overall

AprilF and Teryn won the last challenge, so let's give everyone else a chance this time. Get your votes in by midnight, and have a fabulous Memorial Day!


Mindy said...

Best overall: Teri's girls (sweet picture! I love it!)
Most fun: Shelby's popsicle boy (those eyes... the red lips... what a fun grandson!)

Shoutouts to:
Felicia's splash (awesome picture! love it!)
Candace's farm equipment (it's vintage... what else can I say? ;)
Erin's beach (great composition!)
Brittney's popcorn kids (cute cute cute!)

Melinda said...

Best Overall: Mindy's sweet baby picture.
Most Fun: Katy's way fun birthday cake.

Shoutouts: Very impressed w/ Jen's panoramic view; Erin's beach shot was really pretty; and I love the steps and kids in Brittney's popcorn picture.

Felicia H. said...

Most fun- Erin
Best Overall Breezie-

Shoutouts- Alynn, Mindy, Brittney and Shelby

Candace said...

Most Fun: Katy

Best Overall: Erin

Shout-outs: LOVED... Mindy's, Jackie's, Teri's, Brittney's and some others but those are jut the ones at the forefront of my mind...

Jen said...

Best overall: Candace
Most fun: Mindy

Shoutouts to Breezi

Shelby said...

Most Fun: Katy/One more yr
More fun will follow.

Best Overall: Melinda/More please
Great capture of more than words can express.

Shouts: Mindy, your pic evokes more joy.
Brittney and Jen, I want more...

Teri said...

Most Fun: Katy with her cake
Best Overall: Mindy with her sweet little baby shot.

Shoutouts: Candace for her old farm equipment, Shelby, Jen, Erin,Jackie and Brittney... everyone did a great job once again.

Breezi said...

Most Fun: Katy. I wanna come party at your house :)

Best Overall: Brittney. Your picture just speaks to me.... (aside from saying "more popcorn, please"... lol)

Shout outs:
Mindy... So Precious. Jackie... So Cool!. Jen.... Neat-o.

Janelle said...

Most fun: Katy (that photo just SCREAMS fun to me!!)
Best overall: Erin (I love the colors and composition)

Shoutouts: Melinda, Jen, Candace, Jackie, Shelby

Brittney said...

Most fun: Katy!
Best overall: Mindy

Shoutouts to Erin, Candace and Breezi

Erin Wageman said...

Most fun: Katy
Overall: Teri

Shoutouts to: Candace, Brittney, and felicia. Great photos guys!

Katy said...

Most Fun: Alynn... there's really not a lot out there that's MORE FUN than s'mores!

Overall: Brittney... there's NOTHING i don't like about this picture!