Monday, May 25, 2009


Hello! I just realized it's Monday...and that made me think about how I forgot to post a feature photographer...and Mission 24 business...and I haven't gotten to post pictures or comments...

And I hope I have not let you all down.

PLEASE forgive me for being so in and out right now. I am visiting family...lots of family...and we have yet to really settle into one place right now. I am sure things will calm down at the end of this week...but until then, please forgive me for getting so off track!

No big news to bring up least not that I can think.

So....keep capturing those awesome shots and I will be back later this week!


Katy said...


Log Off right NOW and spend FUN TIME with your family!!! Stop your fussin' lady we're all fine and dandy-- go RELAX!!!

Blake said...

Yes go relax!

I am with you too, I am visiting family, doing jobs on the rental house and midterms I havent gotten to post any pictures either.

I havent commented but everyone's pictures were so great this last two challenges. Great job everyone!

Mindy said...

Miss you, Rachel! Have a fun vacation and don't worry about anything. :)

Candace said...

Girl!!!! Enjoy your vacation and don't worry about things over here. I'm so impressed that you've been able to do as much as you have. I would be crazy trying to enjoy myself and keeping up with blogging. You're doing great, now stop worrying!!! :)