Friday, May 1, 2009

Voting: HOT

Okay, I am so new at being a helper around here that I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be doing this post or not! But it hasn't been done yet, so I'm guessing it's my job to do it. :)

So, here goes.... we are going to vote today for HOT!! You guys did so awesome with my word! I was really, really impressed by all the different pictures we got in.

Make sure to word your votes...

Best Overall:
Most Improved:

I know there are going to be lots of people being voted for, because everyone did such a great job!

Oh, and before I forget, Mindy, Brittney, and Felicia were our winners with WISDOM, so let's try to vote for some others this time around! :)

Have a great day and Happy Voting!!


Charles & Amanda said...

Best Overall: Katy
Most Improved: Janelle

Great job everyone! Sorry I didn't have time to post's been crazy around here!

Janelle said...

Candace, sorry I didn't put up a voting post earlier...I had a late start this morning. I'll still tally them up if you want. I've got a pretty good system for it.

I'll be back to vote later.

hotmama03 said...

best overall=Katy
shout outs=Travis and Jenny Holloway
Most improved? i havent been around, i dont know

Mindy said...

Best Overall: Katy
Most Improved: Jenny

Katy's picture... awesome. My husband liked it too! Most improved was tough, because it almost implies that the pictures weren't good before... Jenny's were always good, but I just had to recognize this one, because it's above and beyond!

Rachel's matches
April F's peppers
Julie's hotcakes
Lindy Lue's back
Susan's bird

Great job, everyone!

Melanie said...

Best Overall: Katy

Most Improved: Kritine N (based on comparing her first few photos and the HOT photo) Such an intriguing and enticing shot!

Rachel (Matches)
April F (Jalapenos)
Shelby (Jolly Ranchers)
Jenny (Bread)
Lindy Lu (back portrait)

What a fun challenge! Great job everyone!!

Travis and Jenny Holloway said...

Best Overall: Susan
Most Improved: Katy
Shout-Outs: Kristine, Shelby, Leann, Breezi, Melinda.

Rachel H. said...

I don't think most improved has to imply that they were BAD photos before--but I can definitely see some people who have REALLY stepped up their photography this time!! :) I will be back to vote after I drool over all the pictures again... :)

Katy said...

Best Overall: Shelby... wow, I don't even like Jolly Ranchers but my mouth waters EVERY time I see this picture

Best Improved: Janelle... that flower was stunning and the Idea was spectacular!

Shout-outs: Awesome job to all!
AprilF- your peppers were smokin
Candace- hunka hunka burnin hubby pic was great
Jenny- OH JENNY... please please please come over and make some bread for me (um.. i mean WITH me)!!!
LindyS (both)- love the sexy, scandalous, smoldering pics-- TSSSSSSSS (that's me licking my index finger and "burning" my booty)... yeah, not a good mental image.

Melinda said...

Best Overall: Lindy Lou...adored this picture!
Most it bad to vote for myself? I feel like I've really grown here. (Melinda)

Kristine - even though you took my first idea.
Jenny - could smell your bread here!
Julie - drooled here!
Candace...really loved that muted colors action!

(I just realized I voted for lots of food...maybe I should go eat...)

zealygirl said...

Best Overall: Kristine N.
Most Improved: Katy

Shoutouts: Candace, April F.

Lindy said...

Best Overall: AprilF
Most Improved: Katy

Shout Outs: Shelby, Jenny, Lindy Lou, Kristine N

Wow, great photos this time around, it was hard to choose!

Breezi said...

Best Overall: AprilF
Most Improved: Shelby

Shoutout's: Lindy, Lindy Lou, Jenny, Katy, Dave

AprilF said...

Best Overall: Lindy Lou
Most Improved: Kristine

Shout-Outs- Lindy and Candace!

Blake said...

Best overall: Katy
Most Improved: Janelle

Shots out are to people I havent seen get many votes but were just so impressive this week! These were all my top 5.


Rachel H. said...

Best Overall: Lindy Lue
Most improved: Janelle

I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Jenny--because I definitely see you getting better and better...and to Katy, loved it as always. And Melinda because I think you did AWESOME!!! SERIOUSLY I can see you improving!
GREAT WORK everyone!

Corynn said...

Best Overall: Katy
Most Improved: I haven't been around long enough...
Shout-Outs: Crys, AprilF, Rachel, Jenny, Lindy Lou.

Candace said...

Janelle~ that's totally cool if you want to tally the votes, we're on vacation as of this afternoon, so I know I won't be on the computer quite as much for the next few days as we're getting settled in here at the beach! :) And I was hesitant to post the voting blog this morning, because I thought that was kinda your thing, so hope it's okay that I went ahead and did it! :)

Kristine N said...

Best overall: AprilF (and I wish I'd had that idea--I'm sure we have jalapenos in the fridge even!)
Most improved: Crys

Shout outs: Melanie, Lindy, Lindy Lou, Jenny, Shelby, Katy!!!, Stephanie, Candace, Mindy, Brittney, and Rachel (since the last three I can't vote for in the other categories). Really, everyone did a great job and it's hard to pick the one I like the best among so many beautiful photos!

susan said...

best overall: Jenny Loved the steam
shoutout : Shelby
most improved: to new to pick everyone's photos where excellent...

Shelby said...

Best Overall: AprilF
Most Improved: Dont really know anybody's work yet, (Im a newbie)
Katy; Ouch! :)~
Melanie; Sweet heat
Stephanie; Gross, & love it!
Susan, Hot new life for the hot buy!

Julie N. said...

Best Overall: Shelby
Most Improved: Jenny

Shoutouts: Lindy Lue, Katy, Melanie and Janelle.

This was a fun challenge! Good work everyone!

Charlotte said...

Best Overall: Shelby
Most Improved: ???

I can't remember what I wore yesterday let alone who took what picture in the past, and I don't have time to look (though i wish i did!)

Felicia H. said...

I have a very sick little boy so I didn't get a picture in :( but I can still vote right? Anyways if I can my votes are
Best overall Jackie
Most improved Jackie
I really hope Jackie wins this one her picture was so HOT!

Janelle said...

Best overall: Lindy Lue (There were several I could have chosen, but I went with this partly because of all the extra setup it required to do the self-portrait, and the courage to bare oneself -- literally.)
Most Improved: Shelby

Shoutouts: AprilF, Candace, Melinda, Katy, Jenny, Kristine, Lindy, Mindy, Brittney, Melanie, Crys (I had a lot that I flagged this time!)