Monday, May 11, 2009

VOTING: Change

Okay everyone, let's vote! Some fun pictures were submitted for this challenge!

Let's see who you thought should win


Best angle:

Get your votes in, and I will be back a little bit later today with some Mission 24 business!

Happy Monday!


Melinda said...

Best Overall: Stephanie's baby belly...great shot!
Best Angle: Melanie's horseshoes...those things look awesome!

Shoutouts: Jen, I love that sunset!; Shelby, I'm jealous of that beautiful path; LindyLou, I'm still not done laughing!; AND Mindy, way to catch a perfect moment!

Teri said...

This is hard..there are so many good pics..
Best Angle: Dave with his country store
Best Overall: Candace with her Door wreath..but I loved Shelbys pic too of the beach.

I have to give a big shout out to Lindylu for best take on the word itself, dressing her little guy as a cute.

Shoutouts too Kritt, Leann and Alynn. Everyone did a fabulous job.

Blake said...

Best Overall: Jen
Best Angle: Candace

shouts out: Mindy, kritta22, hotmamma, kristine, jackie, aprilf, shelby, alynn, susan, katy, melina. So many it was hard for me to pick this week. I wish there was more catagories for this week to give credit to all these people!

Felicia H. said...

Best overall Jackie
Best Angle Jen

{Alynn} said...

Best Overall: Jen (love Utah sunsets!)
Best Angle: Candace

Shout outs to Katy, Jackie, Mindy, Susan and Blake! Nice job every body!

Melanie said...

Best Overall: Stephanie (baby bump)

Best Angle: Mindy (winds of change)

Shoutouts: Jackie, Katy, Jen Candace, Melinda

AprilF said...

Best Overall: Jen
Best Angle: Candace

Great job ladies!

Jackie said...

Best Overall: Mindy ( fantastic)....can I get your email!!? :)
Best Angle: Candace! Awesome girly!!!

Lots of shoutouts..everyone is doing SUCH a great job!

Breezi said...

Best Overall: Jen (LOVe that sunset/flower picture)

Best Angle: Lindy Lue. (I'm still laughing!)

Tons of shout out's to everyone. GREAT CHALLENGE!

Mindy said...

Best Overall: Alynn
Best Angle: Blake

This was TOUGH, but I went with the picture for best overall that made me feel the most... Alynn, beautiful picture! Blake's monopoly game was really shot at a cool angle... I just had to hand it to him this time. :)

Shout-outs: Jackie!! Jen's sunset! Rachel! Candace! You GO, girls!!

Mindy said...

Oh, Jackie... my email is :)

Candace said...

Best Overall: Jen. I LOVE that sunset picture! Amazing!

Best Angle: Dave. Very cool shot of the country store. Love the story too.

Mindy: Freakin love this. HOw many times have I told you that already?
Jackie: Jenny is so beautiful and I love the whole set-up.
Kritta: Great job of showing Alaska's beauty!
Blake: Very creative!
April F: Awesome PIcture!!!
Shelby: LOVE it!
Melanie: So cool!
Alynn: Beautiful!
Katy: Love the angry sky!

Kritta22 said...

Best overall: jen
Best angle Katy

This is a fun change...this voting!

susan said...

best overall AprilF
best angel Candace
Loved kritta22 for shout out also Shelby...

hotmama03 said...

Best overall:Mindy-Holy cow, love how you can look up close and BAM there is all that detail AWESOME

Best angle:Blake-you made the board look like you could walk on it.

SHout out-JEN-the colors are just beautiful

Janelle said...

Best angle: Candace
Best overall: Jackie

Shoutouts: Crys, Mindy, Rachel, Jackie, Shelby, Melanie, Alynn, Susan.

Super special shoutouts: Stephanie and Lindy Lue.

Janelle said...

I forgot to shout out to Kritta and Dave also.

Brittney said...

Best Overall: Jen
Best Angle: Dave

Shoutouts: Jackie, Stephanie, Melanie and Mindy (BTW-when are you back in the voting market?)

Katy said...

best overall: Jen's sunset
best angle: Blake's board

shoutouts: mindy, lindy lou, Melanie, Shelby, Candace,Janelle, Jackie

Jen said...

Best overall: Mindy
Best angle: Dave

Shout outs to Jackie.