Monday, May 11, 2009

Mission 24 business

Hey everyone!

Bet you thought I wasn't going to be showing up again today! It certainly took me long enough to get back on here. :)

Just a few things to note:

This week we are going to try to switch up the voting again. I would like to see how it goes just having people pick their ONE TOP PICTURE overall. Then we will have a second place winner.

We will try this out for a week or two and see how it fits. :)

We have also kind of drifted towards a change with the challenges, in regard to who posts them and what their role is. SO, PAY ATTENTION HERE! :) When you are asked to post the word, please go ahead and do so. But I also ask that for consistency, you also put up the voting post the day after the deadline. Janelle will continue to tally the votes and post the winners, so that's covered. :)

Now in regards to posting a word: If you didn't know before, now you will! You can PREPOST your word.

It's simple. Start your post like normal. When you have added what you want, you simply click on the button POST OPTIONS in the bottom left hand right below this box. That will give you several options for comments and backlinks...don't even worry about that. Just move your eyeballs over to the right side where it says POST DATE AND TIME. Put in the DATE you want it posted and the time. DON'T FORGET THE AM/PM FACTOR. AND, when you post, if you could have it post pretty early in the morning, so the East coast folks can see it early their time, that would be great! :)

NOW, also along the lines of PREPOSTING, I am going to have you each do me a HUGE favor! After I started getting all the submissions for the featured photographer, I realized how totally overwhelmed I would be if I were trying to save everyone's pictures and add them myself. SOOOO, If you each will go into blogger, add your pictures (DON'T FORGET YOUR SELF PORTRAIT!) and your questionaire, and then PREPOST IT. MAKE SURE TO Put a later date and time so it doesn't post right away!!!

If you all will use the same post date for the featured photographer stuff, that would be great. That way I can go in and change them to the right scheduled dates and it will be a surprise when your name comes up! :)

Pretty easy to remember, right???

Don't care what time you put. Just please make sure the date is in the future--and preferably the 9/9/09 date! :)

Whew...what else?

Just a little note of encouragement to those of you who may be feeling discouraged. I am so disheartened at how often I hear feedback from people saying that they feel like they aren't good enough or that they are trying but feeling like they aren't being noticed. Heck, I have felt discouraged too--there is some seriously tough competition around here lately, isn't there?? :) It's easy to look at how wonderful some people are doing and feel down about where we might be individually. But please, please know that others share your same thoughts. And please know that we are each on our own individual journey...and ultimately, you are most likely to be successful with not only photography, but LIFE, if you are living and doing for what makes you happy and what you feel pride in. Feedback is great, and it helps us to improve--if we choose to take the things people are saying and actually do something with that.

So, let's all step it up this week and maybe take note of some of those who seem to be lacking in comments who are consistant commenters on YOUR posts...maybe we can validate each other a little more, and give some more honest feedback so we can improve.

And honestly, if there is anything I can ever do to help make this a better group, I am all ears.

WE NEED TO FIGURE OUT A DAY FOR OUR M24 GET TOGETHER IN UTAH! We picked the 20th of May for the Eastern Idaho one, (still need to figure out where!) but I WOULD LOVE to get the Utah one planned so we can mark our calendars.

What are your thoughts?? And who is going to come? And where should we have it?? Something hopefully pretty central...

Okay...I am off. Have a great night...


Janelle said...

A note to everyone about voting: When you put up the voting post for your challenge word, please be sure to include who won last time, so they don't get repeated. You can find that out easily by searching the "WINNERS" label. Thanks!

Mindy said...

Another thought with preposting... you could also prepost the voting post... that way east coasters can vote first thing in the morning if they need to. :)

Great job, Rachel... you rock! And I'm excited to see how the new voting system works!

Brittney said...

We so need a get together in Utah. When will you be in Utah again?

Rachel H. said...

I will be there from the 8-9th of June until the 13th.

AprilF said...

I can't prepost my feature photographer until I get back- hope thats okay!

I agree with Rachel about not feeling disheartened- and maybe if anyone is feeling like they aren't getting many comments they should make sure they are leaving comments on everyone's post ;)

Who's joining the ID meetup? Any ideas for a place? We decided evening correct?

Katy said...

Sure I can prepost, no prob, Bob!

As for the discouragement that some may feel, I am truly surprised, only because everyone, EVERYONE, is SO incredible-- it's daunting to work "beside" such amazing photographers and I always, ALWAYS, have such a difficult time narrowing down to my favorites... I do NOT lie, everyone is incredible and Mission 24 just wouldn't be the same without the variation of everybody's ideas and angles and talent... DON'T YOU QUIT ON US!!!! I will be truly sad if anyone drops off the blog...

ya don't wanna make me sad, it's really awkward, I tend to get really blubbery.

Mindy said...

How about June 9th for the m24 Utah meet-up?? That would work well for me. :)

Mindy said...

Oh, and April... I really really wish I could make the Idaho meet-up... I just can't make myself decide that a 6 hour drive each way is do-able. :(

AprilF said...

No worries Mindy- I don't think I would decide that either!

Rachel H. said...

The 9th works great for me too!

Brittney said...

I'm all for the 9th!

Katy said...

jealous, i wanna be there for the ninth too!!!!!!!

Blake said...

Ok my 10 year reunion is in ID on the 13th and I have to go through UT to get there so I may make the trek our there all the way from Cali. Ugh I hate the drive. Depends on the day we are meeting thing. Its a tight schedule for me and I may have to bring my chillins with me.

Rachel H. said...

bring the kids blake! No prob!!!