Saturday, May 9, 2009

Seasons Change

Spring hits late but beautiful here in Wisconsin! I have enjoyed watching the trees get little yellow-green buds, the buds grow green and full, the rains that come, and the flowers that burst up to cheer my day. Since I have the most opposite of a green thumb, I took the liberty of 'borrowing' my (very green-thumbed) neighbor's garden for this showcase. I really loved this little bloom!

Taken in natural, overcast lighting, using my macro button. Then taken to picasa and cropped and had some saturation added. The flower actually looked this vibrant, but my camera didn't do it justice!

CC welcome!!

On a side note, my change photo was going to be my beautiful new bathroom, but I couldn't get it too look as pro as I wanted. Nevertheless, I won't make you all be sad for missing it's new beauty, so here's my newly tiled, new sinked bathroom! (Oh, it's the floor tile that's new. If I had my way, we'd rip out the ugly wall tile.)


Katy said...

love it love it!!! That flower is gorgeous!!!! I clicked on it and the up close n' personal version is MIND BLOWINGLY AWESOME, the details are stunning!!!!! and WAY TO GO on a new bathroom (oh how i envy thee!) it looks terrific!

Mindy said...

Great new bathroom!! (I think the wall tile looks fine... but you should see what I'm working with! ;)

I love your cute little flower! It's such a great springy picture... I've been going crazy taking pictures of the blossoms around here!

Rachel H. said...

awesome new bathroom floor! HOORAY!

And what a beautiful flower! I am so surprised how many people photographed nature for this challenge because it never crossed my mind! I think that is one of the things I love most, is how we interpret in such different ways.

Teri said...

Beautiful new exciting. Your little flower is beautiful the close up and the colors.

Brittney said...

I love the bright pink against the bright green! The whole picture really pops!

Oh and love the tile :)

Kristine N said...

I love the colors in your flower photo, and I'm drooling over your bathroom floor.

Blake said...

quite a nice bathroom, I like the tile and the angle on it is nice showing the floor through the whole bathroom.

Blake said...

haha I work bottom up and didnt see the flower one till just now.

Love the flower one with the color and detail. Nice set up. I love flower pictures.