Thursday, May 21, 2009

Motion of Water

f/22 1/8sec. ISO100
I took this challenge as an opportunity to first, make up a missed challenge and second, to practice some of the things that I've learned from you guys so far.
It may not be the most original idea and I think that I could have come up with a more creative composition but my focus here was the water. I was playing around with shutter speed to see if I could get the cool ethereal effect that some of you done in previous challenges. This one was my favorite. Then I finally found a border I liked- thank you Lindy!
I have been looking back on my past photography and I can really tell how much you have all helped me- thank you all so much for your feedback and your great examples and ideas!
p.s.- for those of you who asked about my last few pictures. I use PS3 and some free actions from Pioneer Woman. My Rough Landing picture was edited with her Colorized action. I thought it fit perfect with the red slide.
I almost forgot- CC ALWAYS WELCOME!!


Mindy said...

Teryn, this picture is awesome!!! I love the rocks on the left in the foreground, and the color of the trees and sky and the water is so cool! I'm impressed!

Brittney said...

Holy Moly girl, this picture rocks!!! Its BEEEEAUTIFUL. It reminds me of a postcard. It's so clear and the colors are so vibrant and you captured the waterfall perfectly. Well done!

Katy said...

OH WHAMMY (that's what's goin on in my brain) it's just soooo beautiful!!! I'm seriously impressed with this picture!!!!! great water shot, you're a FAST learner (i still have problems figuring out how to do this!)

don't you just love PW and all her actions?!!! FUN!

Teri said...

Oh my goodness Teryn, this is gorgeous! You did an amazing job. I love the colors and the slow shutter speed of the water and the frame. Very Very nice.

Jackie said...

Yowza...its great , Im dying to attempt day. :)

hotmama03 said...

I love the rocks, they look like they were painted in. Great shot, love the water.

Melanie said...

It is just so awesome that you have access to such a photo great area, and captured its beauty with amazing clarity! I think the timing you used for your shutter speed was perfect! Not "frozen" and not too "cottoney" (new word? :) Beautiful, clean, fresh and magestic shot!