Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mission 24 get together--Eastern Idaho

OKAY EVERYONE! I know this is in the middle of a challenge, but I just couldn't wait to post pictures from our get together.

How did it go, you ask?
Well....check out this choco-choco cake courtesy of Katy ...

How could a get together centered on that delicious beauty not be totally amazing?? And then add the other goodies in the mix?? WOW. This was DEFINITELY a good one!

(oh, and Alynn's dishes were to die for! Dang, I am jealous!)

Alynn has got the GREATEST kids who were so willing to share their toys with my kids. Dress up, trucks, barbie horses...they were in heaven! And her house?? HOLY MOLY! That girl has got some serious organizational skills. She moved in 2 WEEKS ago and it looks SO put together and beautiful!

After lots of chatting and laughing and chatting some more, AprilF (for Fabulous) pulled out her external flash and things got a little crazy! :) I was like a kid in a candy store...drooling over her beautiful toy. And DANG, I was shocked at how much difference a flash makes!!!!
Alynn helped me demonstrate the extreme change...(sorry Alynn, this was just way too funny to NOT post)


I mean seriously--I was practically running out the door to buy one....except that I realized I didn't have that kind of dough. Crushing, really.
Jenny and Travis brought their new baby who wasn't even 2 weeks old! Jenny=amazing! And that cute little baby was the center of photographic attention.

And Katy seems to have run into some major steroids lately...first her new MEGA point and shoot and now her glasses... :) HAHAHAHHA....JK. SOOOOOO hot Katy!
The mob of photographers...

And here's the whole crew! Left to right is: Katy, me, Jenny, AprilF (for Fabulous), and Alynn.
(sorry ladies...can't figure out the liquify tool...hahaha)

Seriously ladies, I laughed SOOOOO hard and had the BEST time ever! I am jealous you all live in the same town and can totally get together any time you want.


Katy said...

bow chica bow wooooow... (racy sexy song) don't tell me that's not the hottest thing you've ever seen.... Asian woman with massive blue glasses blowing the "smoke" off her steamy hot camera! hahahaha!

That was so much FUN!!

I love the picture of Alynn, hilarious... and then GORGEOUS!!!!!

Blake said...

I drove 14 hours to make it and didnt make it *tear*. Naw it would have been nice but it was a total last minute decision we decided to come see family here in idaho and utah. It looks so fun.

Rachel H. said...

I know Blake! I am sooo sorry! I debated trying to change it, but it wasn't working for anyone else. So I am SOOOOO sorry!

Where are you now?

Jackie said...

Im so jealous.......

Brittney said...

Looks like it was a bushel of fun!!! Love all the candid shots! Now, I'm off to find some chocolate cake for breakfast. Thanks a lot.

AprilF said...

I'm dying at the before and after!! LOL! I wish my flash could do it to me- and thanks for not posting the group shot of me sitting off to the side like a weirdo.

Thanks again Alynn for hosting!!

{Alynn} said...

Every one needs an April "Fabulous" Flash!!!
Just look at how beautiful the world would be! : ) Thank you, THANK YOU Rachel for sharing that with the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! If I didn't look so fab-oo in the 2nd shot I'd be hunting you down right now! Instead I'm just going to steal it and use it for my own evil purposes BWAA-HAA-HAA!!!

I loved having you all over, we HAVE to do it agian soon!

Blake said...

I know Im just trying to be funny, but it really isnt sorry! Im in Shelley now with my family we leave for UT tomorrow.

No worries I might make it next time!

Mindy said...

Katy, you're going to share the recipe for that cake, right? Or, better yet... send me one already made in the mail. ;)

It looks like SO much fun! I wish I could've been there!!