Thursday, May 21, 2009

Choose your challenge: Celebration: Service of a lifetime

Oh my goodness, I had so many ideas for this challenge that I couldn't stay in one place! I cheated (like Rachel said we couldn't). I took pictures for One, Red, Black & White, Vintage, Celebration, Shadow, Reflection, and Fluid. I actually really wanted to do Key because it was my own challenge word and I didn't get a chance to do it. I ended up with a photo that I love and is a combination of Vintage and Celebration. Mostly Celebration.

This was my second to last photo of the day. I passed a cemetery on my way home from the grocery store, and it was all decked out with flags for Memorial Day. I quickly whipped left and pulled in. I saw signs for veterans' lots, which I didn't even realize existed at that cemetery. The field was beautiful with all the flags.

About the photo: I took this at about 8:20pm, with sunlight waning fast. I cropped it, adjusted color and exposure, made it black and white (just for kicks, but decided I liked it), then warmified it to make it looks older and vintagey, and then added a "film grain" (more vintage feel), which felt appropriate.



zealygirl said...

Cool angle.

I also appreciate the reminder this weekend.

Katy said...

Oh this is beautiful, i love that one flag in the front, it's so crisp and defined. I love that your town does something like this, very beautiful! I love the color too!

Jackie said...

I too love the flag in front and waht a great take for this weekend soming up...very nice

Brittney said...

I never would have thought of doing flags with a vintage finish because I love their bright colors, but, I absolutly LOVE the vintage tones! Nice call!

Mindy said...

I love these beautiful reminders! I like the vintage, but I wonder how it would've felt with a vintage finish with some color still left in? I can't help but miss the red white and blue.