Monday, May 4, 2009

KEY VOTING and Mission 24 business

WOW! Lots of key interpretations!!

So, let's cut to the chase and LET'S VOTE!

Here's how we will do it this week:


Best photo setup:

So, let's hear what you think!!!
(both of last weeks winners didn't post this time, so you can vote for anyone who submitted a picture!)

Now, a bit of Mission 24 business.

--PLEASE remember to label your pictures when you submit them!!!
Put your NAME, and the category of the challenge.

--ALSO, I have sent out several emails now. If you have NOT gotten one from me, PLEASE let me know. I know I have said this like, a hundred times, but I think we are getting close to having an accurate email list...and I have a good system in place for new joiners from now on.

--What do you guys think about us having a sidebar button to post on your blogs. I have debated over this for a while. Yay or nay? Is it something you would use or would it be a waste of time?

--also, anyone have any ideas as to how we can make posting the feature photographers easier? I realized AFTER the fact that having everyone email me their pictures would mean a LOT of time trying to save and then upload everyone's pictures...maybe I could set up a schedule and you guys could each PREPOST your interview and pictures??? What do you think?

--Just want you all to know how much I appreciate you. I am constantly coming here and feeling so inspired! You have made this blog SO wonderful by being so open to sharing your art. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

I am SO appreciative...

Happy Monday.



Teri said...

Best Set up: Jackie and her floating keys
Best Overall: Breezi and her cute frog.
Shoutouts to Jenny, Shelby, Susan, Candace..well to everyone to be honest! Good job.

AprilF said...

Best Setup: Jackie

Best Overall: Blake

Shout-Out: Breezi and Rachel!

AprilF said...

I think a list for feature photog is great- no need to add that extra burden to you!

Melinda said...

Best Overall: Jackie's hanging beautiful!

Best setup: April F. I loved the makeup box!

Shoutouts: Felicia, your violin is beautiful! And I really like Shelby's natural heart rock with the pretty old key. Awesome job, everyone!

I like the idea of a sidebar button, except I already use my sidebar to both display my bi-weekly picture and I link it to the blog.

I'm fine with just posting my own interview on a schedule, if everyone wants to do that...sounds simple.

Melanie said...

Best Set up - Jackie (floating Keys)

Best Overall - Teryn (Piano Keys)

Shout outs: Breezi (Cutie frog)
Jenny (Music/piano)
Felicia (violin)
Teri (Priesthood)

M24 business:

I have no problem posting my own feature...anything we can do to make your lives easier I am totally for!

I would LOVE a sidebar button for my blog

There are "poll" you think that would be easier for you guys on voting days than the way you're currently voting? I haven't ever used one, so I don't know how easy they are to set up/reset, but you could have one for the "BEST OVERALL' and another for "Secondary Category" so you don't always have to change it. Then you could just have EVERYONE's name on it and we click on who we vote for. Just a thought.

Brittney said...

Best Setup: Charlotte
Best Overall: Jackie

Other favorites: Breezi, Rachel and Dave.

zealygirl said...

Set-Up: AprilF
Overall: Jackie

I think people can be responsible to do their own feature posting.

Janelle said...

@Melanie...we talked about a poll at the beginning of voting, but there are sometimes 30 or more would be a LOT, and I don't know how many options Blogger allows.

I think a sidebar button would be AWESOME! Maybe even a separate one we could post if we win a challenge. But definitely at least a "spread the word" one.

Katy said...

Best Overall: Breezi
Best Setup: Jacki

shoutouts: Amanda, Candace, AprilF, Felicia, Teri, Susan, Blake,

Sidebar button: good
Me posting my feature: good
Me too lazy to post this time: BAAAD

Felicia H. said...

Best Overall Breezi
Best setup AprilF

Shoutouts-Jackie, candace, Rachel and Brittney

Teryn said...

Best Overall: Melanie
Best Setup: Jackie

Sorry I'm so behind on comments this time guys- there were some great pics it's just crazy here and I had to really rush to get a shot in. I'll be back in full gear for next time though!

Mindy said...

Best Overall: Charlotte
Best Setup: Amanda

And big old shout-outs to: Rachel, April, Jackie, and Blake.

hotmama03 said...

best overall:Felicia
best photo setup:Jackie

Love the violin and the hanging keys-what a great idea!!

I dont mind posting on schedule, it would make your end easier.

Shelby said...

Best Overall: Breezi
Best Setup: Rachel

Shout outs: Susan, Jackie, Melinda

Blake said...

Best Setup: AprilF
Best Overall: Susan

Shouts out: Dave, Breezi, Candace, Teri

Thanks AprilF for the vote!

Breezi said...

Best Setup: Jackie. Those keys are awesome!

Best overall: Candace. I just am so drawn to your photo.

Shoutouts: Melanie, Dave, Brittney

Breezi said...

Ohh, I forgot in my comments:

Button: It doesn't really matter.
Posting myself: Sure!

Charlotte said...

Overall: Zealygirl
Set-up: AprilF

Shoutout to Dave and his arch- beautiful clarity. Also Rachel's bank- I like the gloomy sky :)

Jenny and Travis said...

Best Overall: Breezi
Best Setup: Jackie
Shoutouts: Dave and Susan...and everyone else. Great job!

Janelle said...

Best setup: Jackie
Best overall: April F.

Shoutouts: Jenny, Rachel, Felicia, Shelby, Melanie (I really love the texture of the road as your background), Charlotte.

Rachel H. said...

Janelle, I just realized I never, please count mine! :)
Best setup: Jackie
Best overall: April F.


susan said...

Sorry I'm late
best set up: Teryn
best overall: Breezi