Friday, May 1, 2009


I figured I would go first and introduce I can play guinea pig on this part. :) I started this blog in January as a way to focus in on the creative side of photography, and I am so happy how many of you have decided to join that same journey!!

So here is about me.

1. What camera do you use?

Nikon d90 ( my camera)

2. What is your favorite photography subject? (or, what do you like to take pictures of the best?) This will come as no shock to some of you...FOOD. I ABSOLUTELY love to take pictures of food. :) Weird, I know. But true.

3. What camera equipment is on your wish list?

I AM DYING to get the 50 mm lens...and I would love to have an external flash...and a studio setup...and...well, all are dreams really.

4. What are your hobbies outside of photography?

I love to cook, sew, blog, repurpose people's junk, travel, garage sale and thrift store shop, blog, and play games, sing, and blog...and did I mention I like to blog?

5. Tell us about your family! (married? Kids?)

Married to my husband, Brandon, for almost 6 years. 3 kiddos...our oldest (Jenna)is about to turn 5, Kaden is about to turn 3 and Spencer is almost 2.

6. Where do you live?

I live near Cleveland, Ohio. My husband is attending Podiatry school and that's what brought us out this way...our families live back in Idaho though.

7. Do you have a blog you would like to share? (family blog or photography blog?)

Um...I have way too many blogs, really. :) But my main 2 (aside from this one) are:

8. What is the best photography advice you have ever received?

The best part about digital is that we have no film to develop. TAKE AS MANY SHOTS AS YOU CAN. Especially while you are learning.

9. What (if any) editing program do you use?

I use and really love Adobe Lightroom 2--but I also just got Photoshop CS4 recently...and I feel completely lost. :) Getting there...I use it now and then. But am trying to work on using it more...

10.Can you share your favorite 3 pictures with us??

Gosh this is hard...Probably because there is one that just sticks out to me! I took this first picture on my daughter's birthday last year. I really didn't know what I was doing...I just happened to get this shot. But I LOVE this picture because of the memories it brings up in me thinking back to being all together as a family, and playing so carefree.

And this is a picture I took visiting my sister in San Fransisco this past summer.

And I took this picture of my husband tossing my daughter in the air--

And if you want to see a BAJILLION more pictures, you can check out my family blog. I post basically every day...and I love meeting other bloggers! :)

Anyway, that's me!

I think what we will do is that if any of you have questions about the featured photographer, you can leave them in the comments and the featured photographer can get back in the comments so we can all learn about each other!

Sound good?


AprilF said...

First off - you are gorgeous (not that you haven't always been, but you know)!! Secondly- where does you creativity come from? I'm always amazed by your ability to "see" something at the end result.

Katy said...

I agree, you are insanely beautiful, I love that picture of you! This was something I've been LOOKING SO FORWARD TO-- I'm glad you started it out with yourself-- sets the bar high! I didn't know you had another blog!?! I'm Adding it to my googlereader as soon as I send this comment!

Rach, thank you so much for doing this blog-- i can honestly say that belonging to this group of amazing photographers is something that i feel SO proud about. Thanks for pushing and stretching us to become better... I feel like I have a higher appreciation for good art, thanks to M24. And I know with your crazy, hectic life-- putting as much time and effort into keeping this blog perfectly afloat and thriving... well, I know that's got to be really hard sometimes, but you're doing such an amazing job!

Thanks again, Rachel-- you da bomb!

Katy said...

oh! by the way, I LOVE Those pictures!!!! I even remember them in your blog... they totally stick out to me in my memory! (I loved ALL your San Fran pics!)

Charlotte said...

Photoshop does take some getting used to. But the more you use it, the easier it gets. (That being said, I've used it daily for over 3 years and STILL learn new things almost every time I use it.)

Maybe you could check out a book from the public library. I recommend "Sam's teach yourself Photoshop in 24 hours."

You're beautiful, by the way. I already knew everything you said about yourself, but it was fun to read anyway.

Rachel H. said...

Seriously folks--a good source of light and a nice editing program can do wonders for a self-portrait! I promise--you will be disappointed in person! :)

Thank you for your sweet comments! Blushing...

And thanks for that photoshop book referral. I am going to have to look it up--maybe to take on the long drive! :)

Mindy said...

Rachel, I've seen you in person, and that picture is no lie!! You are beautiful inside and out. I'm in love with all three of your pictures... you've got those blown up and framed, right?? I think you're amazing, and I'm so glad that you had the vision to start this blog... it has made me grow in photography in ways I would have never imagined! I am so blessed to be counted among your friends! Love you!

Julie N. said...

So fun, Rachel. I didn't know it was you who started this blog but it doesn't surprise me at all. And I agree with everyone else that you skills are amazing!!! I also wanted to let you know that I haven't received any emails from you for the blog. Thanks!

Malissa said...

I love your self pic. You are beautiful. And each of your favorite pics are really great. I love the light of the one where Brandon is tossing Jenna. It really is a great picture.

Candace said...

I LOVE all three of your pictures, but the one with your husband throwing up your daughter is unbelievable!!!

And you are so beautiful, don't be modest! ;)

And it was so much fun reading about you!! Sorry it's taken me so long to post this comment, yesterday we were packing and traveling all day and today has just been really busy!

And the 50mm 1.4 lens is just sooooooooooooo worth every single penny!!!

Blake said...

Rachel is the greatest. She helps give me idea, help fix my pictures and select them. She helps give me ideas ono how to repurpose furniture and even lets me chat away with her on facebook sometimes when i need a break from studying or the kids.

Rachel, thanks for being a good friend and these are fantastic pictures. I sure love the one of the Golden Gate. I would definately frame that and put it for sale in a gallery.