Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Cool Down

What's better than a popsicle on a HOT day?
I had a hard time with this one. I has so many ideas!! I took pictures of our dinner cooking on the grill, my kids cooling off in the bath, and a bunch of popsicle eating kids! My chicken ones turned out good, but I didn't want to use them, My bathtub ones were, well, kids in the tub, and the popsicle ones were just plan messy. This one stood out to me because it wasn't just a shot of a kid eating a popsicle. (although I got a cute one of my boy) This brings me back to my childhood and eating lots, and lots of popsicles in one sitting. (which I can still do) They are an easy way to cool down on a hot summer day, or here in sunny AZ, a hot spring day. :)

Set in manual mode, ISO 200, f3.8, 1/50


Katy said...

This picture is too cute!! This is a post where I was wishing we could see ALL the pictures that didn't make the cut too-- they sound fun and so sweet!!

I love this picture, LOVE that she's holding it out for us to see! And orange is Totally my favorite Popsicle... that and Root Beer (do they still make those?) GREAT JOB!

Breezi said...

I love how the popsicle is in crisp focus and everything else is faded into the background.

Good job!

Rachel H. said...

Katy--yes, root beer is still made. Don't those pops ROCK?!

Leann--super fun picture. I love the pop of color. Great HOT topic!

Jackie said...

Very cool piture and yes! I like that she isnt eating it, loveit

Mindy said...

Great job! I love the popsicle right up front, and her cute little girl hand!

Katy said...

logging off... pulling on pants... running out the door.... getting ROOT BEER flava NOW!!!!

Blake said...

great capture i like how it is so focus and the background how it is.