Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I was planning on doing something with fire. I took my kids to the Fire Station. Fireman Harper was nice to educate us and get his gear on. 2 thing I learned is 4 garage doors like in the back makes for a lot of light in one garage. All in all I was disappointed with the fruits of my labors, or lack there of. CC welcomed.

Anyway, added sharpen and saturation just a bit to boost color and to lower washout effect on top left and right sides. PS thanks to Rachel and Mindy for their suggestions and praise ;)

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Katy said...

Blake, this is great, I love that you got the fireman to crouch down, it's interesting and gives it some flava! I love your idea too-- i think it's awesome that you took your kids for a little field trip too.. that's so cool!

Blake said...

Thanks Katy.

CC welcome everyone!

Rachel H. said...

Blake, you are the kind of person I think could do wonders with an editing program. Seriously--you are so good at picking up things really quickly! Like I said before, I think an edge burning would help to detract from the bright edges and draw the eye in to the subject easier.

If you ever have a couple bucks sitting around, TOTALLY suggest getting an editing program. :)

HOWEVER, I am glad you followed through with your original fireman idea...and glad your place didn't burn down! :)

Mindy said...

That's awesome that you took your kids to the fire station! Way to go the extra mile for a picture. I don't think you should be disappointed with your results at all... it's framed very nicely, and I kind of like the light shining in. Oh, and if teasing you merits thanks... well, you're welcome! ;)

Blake said...

Mindy sorry no toilet this time, maybe next time. I just couldnt think of anything that was appropriate with hot. LOL