Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Change of Scenery (and a little off balance)

20mm, F 16, 1/60s

Instead of taking Rumba on a walk down the same old street today, we hiked Rattlesnake Gulch in Millcreek Canyon. It has a great view of the city especially at sunset (or on a night with a full moon).
20 mm, F 8, 1/500 s
Rod playing on the monkey bars.

18 mm, 160 sec, F 13

This one is a bit blurry (which I'm okay with since Rod is in motion). But it is so fun I had to include it. :)



Dave said...

I love Rattlesnake Gulch!!! It's an AWESOME bike trail! I was wondering if the snow was off of it yet. Killer picture.

hotmama03 said...

Love the flowers and sunset, beautiful!! I love when you click it and get the upclose shot, the flowers seem to GLOW-SWEET
Way to go

Teri said...

Beautiful pictures of the flowers..and the sunset is gorgeous and good take on the balance photos too. Love the blue sky in the background.

Blake said...

I love how it is looking into the distance with the setting sun! Just fantastic, i like to look at it over and over again. definately one of my favorites.

Katy said...

This picture is stunning, Jen, just stunning! I love the sunset sky, but adding the flowers in the foreground makes this picture just AMAZING, Perfect!!! I also love the border!

cute pictures of your husband? brother? buddy? fitness instructor? dog groomer? he looks like he had FUN!

AprilF said...

Gorgeous sunset picture! I love the light shining through the flowers. Great creativity on the balance shots!

Kristine N said...

Sigh. Your pictures make me homesick. That sunset is gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Love the pics, Jen! That sunset one is gorgeous! And Rod isn't too bad either! ;)

Mindy said...

I love love your sunset picture!!! So beautiful and WARM!!