Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wisdom: WINNERS!

Good morning everyone! Let me just say again that I am so impressed with all the different interpretations we had this time around, and I'm really grateful that each of you shared a personal experience with your picture. I know that I was definitely blessed by participating in this particular challenge.

Okay, enough gushing. You're just here to find out if you won, right?

Congratulations to Mindy, who won Best Lighting for her pearls of wisdom, to Brittney who won best over all with her canine wisdom, and to Felicia, who earned the most combined votes for her square foot garden (which might have to be the way I start a garden...not too overwhelming).

Please scroll down for today's Tuesday Tutorial, and we'll see you again tomorrow with a new challenge.

(Click here to see all the winning pictures from every challenge.)


Mindy said...

First, I want to say that I really appreciate all of the votes... thank you! I am flattered, and humbled, and grateful.

BUT... I've got a little problem here. I had the impression that we have had these "other" categories (best take for awhile, now random) to help a variety of different people win... and I have won the "other" category 5 times now. I don't feel like the purpose has been fulfilled, and I feel embarrassed. I actually considered not posting pictures for awhile, but I enjoy it, and I want to, and that would be silly. So...

I RESPECTFULLY ASK TO BE IN VOTING RETIREMENT for at least a month, so we'll have a wider variety of winners. Please don't think that I'm thinking I'm GOING to win all the next challenges... I am just looking at the past and hoping to even it up a little in the future.

Love you all! :)

Mindy said...

p.s. Shoutouts are fine, if you are so inclined. :)

Rachel H. said...

Mindy, I see where you are coming from. You DO have beautiful work and because of that it is easy to vote for you. :) I hope you won't stop posting--I think I can speak for pretty much everyone by saying that we all feel inspired by your take on the challenges.

I am seriously open to figuring out this voting situation. I wish there was a PERFECT way to do it--but I just can't think of HOW.

If anyone can come up with a really good way to make it happen and include everyone, please let me know!! :)

Brittney said...

Haha, ah Mindy, if you would just share your rockin' talent with the rest of us we wouldn't have this problem ;). You're awesome girl! Don't stop posting, I'd cry.

Katy said...

I agree, Mindy, DON'T STOP POSTING!!!!! Also, if you could bottle up some of that blessed talent of yours... sell it, you'd make a Ga-Billion Bucks!!! But seriously, Love your work, it's always stunning!

CONGRATS to ALL the winners... you all really ROCKED this!! Great Job!!

AprilF said...

Congrats ladies!!

And Mindy better not stop posting her FAB photos or I'm tracking her down wherever she lives.

Felicia H. said...

I can't believe I won a challange, SWEET!!!