Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pearls of wisdom--a different take

Sweet Mindy and I had the same idea! I PROMISE I took my picture earlier this afternoon but am just getting to posting it now. She beat me to it!! (and hers is AMAZING). ISO 200, 98mm, f 5.6, 1/25 second

I wish I had a beautiful string of pearls to use for this...I looked, but couldn't even come up with cheapy plastic ones from the toy box. :) So I went to the backup pearl--my mom and dad gave all of us girls a pearl and diamond necklack when we turned 12.

I really am not a necklace girl, so I had it made into a ring when I was in college.
Lots of symbolism...and pearls of wisdom. :)

white pearl = white for purity and also told us how a pearl is made. starts as a grain of sand gets in an oyster. Over time, after lots of aggitating and pressure, the pearl comes to be. A symbol that even the smallest thing can become precious through struggle and pressure.

Diamond= the story of the diamond is that it starts out as a piece of coal. The most brilliant of diamonds go through the hottest of fires and the most extreme pressure.

And a little quote to go with that..."It is through the flames of difficulty that the steel of faith is forged. Ease does not call forth greatness"

While that refers to steel, it is something I always think of when I see my ring.


zealygirl said...

I love how you thought through this. What a treasure!

Mindy said...

Rachel, this picture ROCKS! And blows mine right out of the water! The ring is beautiful, and that book is awesome... I love it!

Brittney said...

Ok so I'm a bit jealous you got a pearl and diamond. My dad gave me a sunflower seed and talked about all the manure it has to struggle through to grow into a pretty flower. Haha :). I love parents. Anyway, this picture takes my breath away, it really does. I love the lighting and the angle. I don't know quite how to explain it but this picture just speaks to me. Now ya all are thinking I'm a bit crazy ;).

Kristine N said...

Your pictures are always wonderful, and this is no exception. The book has fabulous texture to it and the way you've lined up the ring with the corner of the book draws my eye right to the ring. I love the light, too--nice, soft and warm that just makes the ring glow. beautiful picture.

Breezi said...

This is a great picture. I love the focus of the ring and the great textures.

Great job ;)

Katy said...

(hahaha, i'm cracking up at Brittney's story!!! that's hilarious!)

but i agree, that's so cool that you and your sisters got something so precious. I love this photo, LOVE IT. the angle and the book and the gleam of the ring... it's stunning and truly has MEANING. wow, great job!

Lindy said...

I love the contrast between the shiny ring and the older book.

My dad keeps reminding me that these times we're going through right now is God refining us, taking us from coal to diamonds. I just love that thought, it helps me remember that no struggle is without its rewards.

Blake said...

nice shot I love the old book it adds something to it shot.