Saturday, April 11, 2009

Black and White: WINNERS!

The votes are in! We had another tie this week (but not two ties)

For best take on the challenge, there was a tie between Amanda and her fire, and Katy and her silk flowers.

For best overall photo, Teryn and her scary trees win (but Lindy and Rachel were both close behind her).

There were so many great photos submitted for this challenge. The votes were really spread out. Great job everyone!


Rachel H. said...

I am so happy that Katy tied for first! I totally think she earned that--and I want to point out that she snapped her shot with a point and shoot! GREAT work Katy! You have come a long ways and I love seeing your progress!

And Amanda, HOLY MOLY over your picture! I love it!! It has SUCH feeling.

And Teryn, those trees were AMAZING! I really do love that feel! And LINDY, where to start?! I love the pop and feel of your picture (and thanks for your awesome feature on Friday)

There were SO many wonderful shots. This voting is getting so tough. I know I say that basically every challenge, but it's so true! :) TOUGH STUFF! I love all the talent you all share! THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN!

Blake said...

the link for Teryn's picture is the same as the fire one, or at least that is where it took me when i clicked on it.

I didnt get to vote in time but great job everyone.

Katy said...

Rachel, you're the best, thanks sooo much (if anyone here knows how far i've come... or not come... it's definitely YOU!!!) I am SOOOO Glad you started this blog.. it's been really fun and something I look forward to a lot! Again, thanks for the boosts....

i'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!

Janelle said...


I fixed the link to Teryn's picture. Sorry about that.

Teri said...

Great job ladies, the pictures were outstanding. Now on to the next challange.