Monday, March 30, 2009

Let the voting begin!

Must have been a busy week for a lot of people. It seems we had a lot less participation than last week. But we did have some awesome pictures submitted! Thanks everyone.

So let's get voting!

Remember to put:


And then all your shoutouts and other comments. :)

Thanks everyone for sharing your beautiful art!



AprilF said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Candace

Great job everyone!

Melinda said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Teryn

I was reallly bad about commenting this time, but it was a hectic weekend; my apologies. I also really liked Jackie's, Mindy's and Janelle's. Great pictures this week!

Mindy said...

Best Take: AprilF
Best Overall: Candace

This was hard... I loved AprilF's for the simplicity of the picture, along with the idea. Candace's just made me FEEL, and I love it.

I also really loved Alynn's and Rachel's. Great job EVERYONE! :)

Lindy said...
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Lindy said...

Best Take: AprilF
Best Overall: Candace

I loved the how April's photo was not only a simple subject, but the photo itself was so simple, just the subject and a white background. Awesome shot. Candace's photo of the house had AMAZING color to it, and the framing was so well good. Good job girls!

Shoutouts: Jackie, Rachel, Teryn, Alynn

Wow, great subject! I'm totally bummmed that I didn't get to do this one but we were out of town all weekend and didn't stop moving for longer than 30 seconds. Rockin' photos, it was hard to choose!

Breezi said...

Best Overall: Erin
Best Take: Rachel

Shout out to AprilF

Great job everyone! This was a fun challenge. :)

J said...

Best Take:aprilf

Overall: breezi

Teri said...

Best Take: April F
Best Overall: Candace

Shoutouts to Breezi, Teryn and Mindy..beautiful photos girls.

Erin Wageman said...

Best take: Alynn
Best overall: Teryn

Great pictures everyone!!

Candace said...

Best Take: Teryn

Best Pic: Breezi

I thought everyone did really great this week, so I had a really hard time narrowing it down. I really loved Teryn's picture of the blocks, though, and Breezi's picture of the milk bottle light. Those two just really stood out to me!

Great job everyone!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...


Shoutouts: Jacki, Riggs Family, Felicia (Love that little face), Mindy (WOW!), and Breezi! Great job you guys, loved your pics.

Really everyone did a great job! Loved the posts

I didn't get to post because I had an incredibly busy weekend, trying to get final projects done for school! Weekends are crazy here.

Jackie said...

Best Take: Candace
Best Overall: Mindy

Loved all of them!! Great work everyone!

Riggs Family said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Felicia H. said...

Best take on Challange erin
Best overall candace

Blake said...

I think I could confidently switch the two around either for either.

Best Take: Breezi
Overa Pic: Candace

Janelle said...

Best take on challenge: Teryn
Best overall: Mindy

Special mention also goes to Alynn for a stunning yet simple photo.

Teryn said...

Best Overall: Breezi

Best Take: April

Brittney said...

Best Take: Rachel
Best Overall: Erin

{Alynn} said...

Best take: Jackie
Best Overall: Candice

Katy said...

sorry i haven't posted all week... i've been on vacation with the fam and have stayed BUSY!! But i did get a chance to come take a look and WOW, everyone is sooo good! i'm excited to come back to the challenges...

anyhoo: best take: aprilf
best overall: teryn

Rachel H. said...

Best take:April F
Best overall: Breezi

TOUGH STUFF EVERYONE! GREAT pictures! I seriously feel so inspired coming here!

Stephanie said...

Best take: AprilF - I love the sandwich!
Best overall: Candace

Shout-out to Jackie and Rachel.

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