Monday, March 2, 2009

Airmen Waggoner

This is a picture of my hubby's cold weather coat. He is in the Air Force. His job is to put the bomb on the airplanes. The airplanes don't care if it's -40 outside. Neither do the big bosses. When they say the bombs have to do loaded, they have to be loaded. Rain, snow, freezing weather. My hubby and all the other servicemen of the military are my heroes. They put in the 12 hour shifts for less money than McDonald's workers.

I took this with overhead light with 0"8, F5.6 and ISO400. I was trying to focus on the Waggoner to make that stand out more.



Mindy said...

A big thank you to your husband and all the other military people!! What a great hero!

Ashton and Shanda Call Family said...


Rachel H. said...

What a ton of work and dedication. He deserves a big thanks! What a great picture!

Blake said...

Thank you to your husband for serving and to your whole family for the sacrific for his time!
The troops are definately heros no matter where they serve. I wish they could make more than working at mcd's