Friday, February 6, 2009


I really struggled with this post.(my excuse for being late) Most of our traditions we so are holiday related. I tried to take some other pictures of some other little traditions we do, but these pictures kept coming back to me. They were both taken in December. Had, I known what I know now with my camera I think they would have turned out alittle better. I couldn't decide between the two pictures so you get both. :)

Tradition 1. This a new tradition. This year we took the kids on the Polar Express on the Grand Canyon Railway. They had so much fun, and even Cris and I enjoyed it. So this will be our new tradition to go with them every year. I love this photo mainly because of the magic and excitement that is in it.

This is a tradition that we have done for the past 3 years. This is Winkle, our elf that visits every year starting Dec. 1st and leaves Christmas Eve. He reports back to Santa every night and tells him weather or not the kids were good that day. Sometimes he even brings the kids a small toy or goodies back from Santa. And he also brings them their Christmas jammies on the 1st so they can wear them throughout the month. If you want to learn more about him go to this link, .
The kids love this tradition the most!!!


Candace said...

I do the elf tradition with my children too! Our elf is Sparkle and my daughter misses him so much since he left Christmas Eve! I actually think your pictures are really pretty!

Shanda Call said...

love this idea. SOO cute

Alynn and Todd said...

These are both so great! I love how blondy blonde your little boy's hair is!

AprilF said...

I love your elf tradition! How fun! For CC- if you turned off your flash you could probably get more detail on the elf.