Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Toon! Toon!

That's what little Ava says EVERY, SINGLE MORNING as we walk downstairs together... she needs her morning Car"toon" Fix-- it's like a drug! And let's be honest here, it's MY DRUG of choice too; one and a half hours of solid, blissful Me-Time to brush teeth, make breakfast, check emails/blogs, make morning calls, and maybe, just maybe, get dressed!

Now, I am WELL-AWARE that this is more of a morning routine- but I chose this particular "tradition" because of the actual MOVIES. My hubby and I are movie-lovers and when we got pregnant, we decided to make a TRADITION of buying a movie for this little unborn person every month along the way... we then extended the tradition to her first 6 months too... then 8, then 10... you understand! We've just barely started slowing down (since by the time she's 5 years old she'll have 70 movies... and that's just wrong!)

This is what I imagine Ava sees when she looks up at her collection, taps her chin with her little finger and says, "Hmmmmmm...." like it's some heartbreaking decision every time (even though we all know she'll pick Little Mermaid or Lady and the Tramp... she's fixated!)


candace said...

I love it! We do this in our home too, isn't cartoon time just delightful? Absolutely necessary time for us mommies to again be girls! :)
I also love how you've got her collection arranged so well. I'm ashamed to admit, but my daughter's movies are scattered here and yonder and some of them are in the cases, while others reside in a leather cd case. :)

Melinda said...

Can't wait to get to know you more! Great to have you with us!

I love the in-house babysitter that lets me accomplish menial tasks! Cute picture from your daughter's view!

Katy said...

Candace- i'm starting to see the importance of a huge cd case for all the movies!!!

Melinda- haha.. "in-house babysitter" that's hilarious because I'm always joking with my husband that one day Ava will start calling the tv. "Mom"! *ahhh sigh*

AprilF said...

Gotta love the electronic babysitter! I use mine all to often too. I like the viewpoint you choose for this.

Shanda Call said...

I like the angle you can get a feel for how your daughter sees it. I caught myself remembering what it was like to be so little and look up at things that were high. nice job!