Thursday, January 22, 2009


I thought and thought about what it means to be clean to me. I thought about my kid but he was definately not clean with his snot nose! I thought about a whole bunch of other things but nothing worked.

I thought that if my kitchen sink is clean, so is the rest of the kitchen's a picture of my sink.

1/30 F5.6 (is there anything else you need to know?)


I'm really excited about this!


Katy said...

Just wish my own sink looked this GOOD!!!!

Rachel H. said...

That's a great lookin' sink!

I could be wrong in saying this,but my eyes don't really have a place to anchor when I look at this picture. Maybe try sticking your camera down in the sink a little farther (even if you can't see out of the viewfinder...those are the best pictures sometimes!!) to get an actual subject with all those awesome shiny curves!

Malissa said...

Hey no problem with the sink picture! I love that we had the same idea. I am so not good at finding a subject but hope that I get better as we go. I love that your sink is as clean as mine!

Mindy said...

NICE clean sink... do you flylady? ;)

I really like the warm glow of the reflections! I agree with Rachel, but I'm not sure what I would've done differently.