Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Causing steam..

Here in Idaho we are having some great thunderstorms.  I was at my parents house yesterday and was fortunately to capture the sunset peeking out between the blanket of clouds and the horizon.  (First time I saw the sun all day).  The only problem is the power cord running right through the shot (bottom picture).  Anyway, I wanted to remove it so.  But the only time I can squeeze it in is at work (too much going on after work til Monday).  So I uploaded to MS Paint and  use the color picker tool and just slowly removed the cable.  Not the greatest job (that will happen this weekend) but I thougth good enough to share.  A couple of times I got so frustrated that I thought steam would come out my ears but I made it and thank heavens I kept saving every few changes.

I am also working on a rainbow if you want to check that out on my blog

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