Friday, November 6, 2009

M24 News

As per suggestions I am attempting to reach out beyond google reader and facebook in an attempt to remind people of challenges in an effort to increase participation for posts. I dont want to guilt trip anyone just a friendly suggestion. So i created a mailing list of all the people who are set to contribute. Check your emails and if you dont want to be on the list follow the insturctions there and I will promptly resolve it and send 1 additional email to confirm it.

Scroll down for the challenge!


Admin said...

I hope no one feel guilty about posting just want to help remind people is all. after all i myself didnt get out the last 2 challenges either.

Candace said...

Hey Blake, I definitley intend to post more often, I just didn't with the last challenge, because it's honestly not that cold here yet, so I'm having a hard time "seeing" fall here. It sucks. I want COLD weather! I love cold weather. I'll do my best to post for Bright. :)

Janelle said...

Candace, that's funny -- we're at the tail end of Fall here, waiting for snow pretty much any day now.

hotmama03 said...

ok, um i think i deleted if you did send me one. i am going to start posting now that my life is slowing down.
so ta da i am back!!