Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bloggers Unite!

Photoshop users- I need your help! I've been so excited about starting my own photography business and I've been working really hard on trying to edit my pictures just right and after hours and hours I noticed a strange trend. All of my RAW (actually they're NEF) are being automatically desaturated when I open them in photoshop. I took them in NEF because it allowed me to adjust the lighting (a skill I'm still working on SOOC) so I need to convert them to JPEG so that my client can view them on her computer. What do I do?!? I've already done about 150 pictures this way and so I also worry about switching. Will the client notice if she doesn't see the originals? Is the change a negative change or is it actually working to my benefit or is it bad enough I should RE-edit all of the past pictures. Here's an example for ya, not my favorite picture but just one that really shows what's happening.

Here's the one that was opened in photoshop - I didn't really do anything to it. I just opened it and then converted it to a JPG.
This is the original SOOC (my camera takes a smaller quality jpeg image with the RAW image)

Has anyone experienced this before? Does anyone know what to do about it or know where to go for answers? Help!!!


B-Blogit said...

well you could open them 1 by 1 in paint and then save as and change the file format to .jpg or .jpeg

That might take a little time and im not sure if you will lose resolution but it could work.

AprilF said...

Well I think your Raw to Jpg convert looks better than your camera jpg. The reason it is different is because the jpg has embedded in it the WB,exposure, etc (hence the magenta-ish cast) and the RAW file has it as a sort of attachment.

I'd start from the raw file and finish my edits from there.

Valerie Harris said...

We use Camera Raw in photoshop to edit all of our raws and then you can batch save them as jpegs and then open and edit in photoshop. I just know that when I open a raw in photoshop it automatically opens in camera raw, my husband is the technical one so I don't know if it's a program we have or if it came with ps. I'll talk to him tonight and let you know!