Thursday, October 15, 2009

Set Days, Best Days

The human condition...fighting change! Im sure we all want set days because we hate the changing days. I wanted to judge by posts made and also by the poll on the sidebar but it isnt quite steady to get an accurate idea of best days. So for now lets pick Thursday and Sunday nights to close challenges until we get a good consensus.

As always comment here, email, post on facebook for me or m24 page whatever! Give me the two best days for you, even if you think you can only post one, give me the two days you are most likely to post. As always any other word suggestions or any ideas on how you want m24 to function are MOST WELCOMED!

We'll keep this format till we figure out best days and then change. Sure hope that is cool with y'all! Look for new challenge later!


hotmama03 said...

alright here i am, back. I am so wanting to begin anew right now. so i am going to be a posting maniac. so be ready!!!

B-Blogit said...

oh were ready bring it on! :)